The Department of Veterinary Biosciences

The Department of Veterinary Biosciences was created through the merger of three departments in 1995 - Veterinary Pathobiology, Veterinary Anatomy and Cellular Biology, and Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology. 

The department is dedicated to combining pathology with research to address health questions for both humans and animals. We emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration, as seen in our involvement with various initiatives, institutes, and centers throughout Ohio State, including the Infectious Disease Institute, the Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Center for Clinical and Translational Science. We actively engage in research, teaching, diagnostics, and collaborations at local, national, and international levels.

Faculty members in the department are responsible for teaching veterinary students in both the preclinical and clinical phases of the veterinary medicine curriculum through core and elective courses and rotations. They also teach clinical and anatomic pathology residents, interns and residents in medicine and surgery, and graduate students in various scientific disciplines with a focus on cancer and infectious diseases. Faculty members also contribute to undergraduate instruction through select lectures and laboratory teaching. 

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Researchers in the department primarily focus on clinical and anatomic pathology, infectious diseases and cancer. In addition to the college's Infectious Diseases and Comparative and Translational Oncology Signature Programs, our faculty also contribute to and lead many multidisciplinary groups across campus, including Ohio State's Infectious Diseases Institute and the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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The Department of Veterinary Biosciences offers a wide range of services and resources to support the academic and veterinary community in advancing the health and well-being of animals and humans.

Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office

The Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office provides guidance with respect to clinical trial design, including formulation of a testable hypothesis, determination of patient entry criteria, selection of appropriate toxicity assessments, review of appropriate statistical endpoints, and development of accurate budgets. It is a Veterinary Clinical Research Shared Resource of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and part of the Comparative Animal Core (CAC), which is a Shared Resource supported by the Center for Clinical and Translational Studies (CCTS).

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Combined Pathology Residency PHD Support Fund

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