Research Experiences for Veterinary Students

Pursuing research opportunities as an Ohio State veterinary student can provide invaluable hands-on experience to help advance your future career in veterinary medicine. Although the college offers many opportunities for veterinary students to gain real-world knowledge and skills through research, clinical work or industry experiences, students often explore opportunities with external groups.

Gaining research and clinical experience during veterinary school can set you apart when applying for future internships, residencies and jobs after graduation. It allows you to explore your interests, build your network and determine what aspects of veterinary medicine you are most passionate about pursuing long-term.

Whether you are interested in a summer research opportunity, clinical externship, industry immersion program, or year-long research fellowship, you can find details on application deadlines, eligibility requirements and program specifics.

Ohio State Experiences

Veterinary students develop and work on a research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor, typically focused during the three month period during the summer break, but may also assist student research projects throughout the academic year.  Learn more.

The American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine sponsors a summer fellowship for an Ohio State veterinary student for the purpose of gaining experience in and/or exposure to the field of laboratory animal medicine. Any OSU veterinary student interested in this field is strongly encouraged to consider applying for this opportunity. Learn more.

The Laboratory Animal Medicine Program within the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Office of Research at The Ohio State University offers a residency in Laboratory Animal Medicine. This ACLAM certified training program is designed to provide Trainees with broad exposure to all facets of laboratory animal medicine for a multitude of careers in biomedical research. Learn more

Our 12-week American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners (ASLAP) Foundation paid summer fellowship is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to laboratory animal medicine and its various components including clinical medicine, population health, facility operations/management, experimental surgery, protocol development/IACUC review, agricultural animal research/clinical medicine, and research.  Learn more. 

Rainier Scholars Program

The mission of the Rainier Scholars Program is to engage professional degree/graduate students in veterinary medicine with academic, laboratory and hands-on experiences to better position them for opportunities in industry. First year students are eligible to apply for this four year program and graduate with a Rainier Scholar distinction at completion of the program. The next application deadline is December 22, 2023, contact Ivana Grozdic for more information. 

  • First year  veterinary student in good standing with the college
  • Minimum 3.3 GPA eligibility requirement
  • Essay on intent, highlighting how this experience aligns with and will help achieve career goals (500 word limit)
  • Current Advising Report - can be found on Buckeyelink
  • Resume or CV (curriculum vitae)
Year program requirements
Year 1 Summer Complete the Graduate Business Minor Program in Health Sciences* OR  the 12 week Summer Research Program* 
Year 2 Summer Complete the program not completed in Year 1 (Graduate Business Minor Program in Health Sciences OR 12 week Summer Research Program)  
Years 1-3
  • Complete select online electives (Spring and Autumn Semesters) in:
    • Drug Development
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Commercialization/Translational Training
  • Plan and participate in Seminar Series on Careers in Industrial Veterinary Medicine (annual)
Year 4 Industry or translation focused externship (up to six weeks)
Graduate with Rainier Scholar Distinction

Program External Advisory Board

  • James Blacka, DVM, Director of Professional Services Veterinarians, North America for IDEXX Laboratories
  • Daniel S. Marsman, DVM, PhD, Head, Global Product Stewardship, Procter & Gamble Health Care; Head P&G Office of Animal Welfare
  • Tracey Papenfuss, DVM, PhD, Senior Pathologist, StageBio

Program Internal Advisory Board

External Experiences

Through a supportive, mentored research experience in an established laboratory and through seminars and discussion groups on careers in science, it is hoped that veterinary students will gain an insight on career opportunities in biomedical research.
Veterinary students in their first or second year of veterinary school are encouraged to apply. Programs are typically 10-12 weeks during the summer and held at veterinary schools throughout the US and Canada. Students are eligible to apply to any of the institutions listed with an active Merial Veterinary Scholars Program, regardless of where you are currently enrolled. There are 28 universities listed that are participating in this program.


This program seeks to help veterinary students become biomedical researchers. Open to First through Third year veterinary students. Ten veterinary students will be admitted for the summer of 2016. The program lasts 10-12 weeks during the months of (dates are flexible) May through September. Application Deadline is February
More information can be found at Stanford Medicine

Research training in Biomedical Sciences at Stanford University

This program is open to individuals with a veterinary degree and fourth year veterinary students. Funded by NIH. Contact Paul Buckmast or 650-498-4774 for information and application instructions.