Professional DVM Program Admissions

Becoming a part of Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine is a highly competitive journey. With just 165 spots available annually and an overwhelming number of applicants far exceeding that number, our admissions process is meticulously selective and designed to identify the brightest and most passionate future veterinarians. We evaluate candidates not only on their academic achievements but also on a range of non-cognitive factors, including their unwavering dedication to the profession, exceptional character, outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and proven leadership abilities. 

We're committed to helping you achieve your dream of joining our world-renowned DVM program, and this resource hub is a tool to assist you every step of the way. Please keep in mind that admission policies and requirements may evolve over time, so it's essential to stay informed. To get started, consult our applicant checklist, which outlines key steps, including the completion of prerequisite courses, applying through VMCAS, submitting college transcripts, securing letters of recommendation, completing the supplemental application and staying up to date with our application deadlines. 

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome passionate and determined individuals like you into our College of Veterinary Medicine community. Rest assured, you have the talent, dedication and resilience it takes to succeed. We can't wait to see you here, making a profound impact in the world of veterinary medicine.

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Our Admissions Process

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Admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine is granted for the fall semester of each year on a full-time basis. Our selection process is designed to identify applicants with the academic prowess and dedication required to succeed in our rigorous, four-year professional science program. We are committed to choosing highly qualified students with the potential to excel in the DVM program. Please note that applicants previously dismissed from another College of Veterinary Medicine will not be considered for admittance.

Objective Evaluation (10%)

The objective evaluation is centered on academic achievement and consists of:

  • Overall GPA (as calculated by VMCAS)
  • Science GPA (as calculated by VMCAS)
  • Last 30 credit hour GPA (as calculated by VMCAS)

Admissions Committee Review (30%)

Our Admissions Committee conducts a comprehensive review of the applicant's file, assessing:

  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Animal, veterinary, and work experience
  • Community Service
  • Extracurricular Activities, Leadership Roles, Honors, and Awards

For applicants who pass the file review, the score will be weighted to 80% and combined with the objective score (weighted to 20%) to determine interview invitations.

Subjective Evaluation (60%)

The subjective evaluation includes:

  • Interview
  • Interpersonal and communication skills

Interview selection is based on academic achievement and the file review. The interview score carries a weight of 60% in the final admissions score.

An applicant's total admissions score is calculated by combining the interview score (60%), the file review score (30%), and the objective score (10%). This comprehensive score is used to determine offers of admittance. We look forward to welcoming dedicated and qualified individuals to Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Admissions FAQ

If your question isn't answered below, please reach out to the Office of Admissions to learn more. 

Yes. Science prerequisite courses older than ten years are not accepted. However, if you can prove advanced coursework or career use of the scientific information that supports your mastery of the content covered in the old courses, you may submit a petition to waive the requirement.

No. All of the prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the summer term preceding the Autumn term when you would start vet school.  

To receive credit for AP courses, the courses must be listed on official transcripts from a college or university you have attended.

No, the GRE will no longer be required or reviewed during the admissions process.

Yes. While we keep applications on file for one year, reapplicants must submit new letters of recommendation. Reapplicants are welcome to use the same references from the previous application; however, the evaluations and letters must be new. Additionally, reapplicants are required to resubmit transcripts.

Out-of-state applicants, once admitted, are eligible to apply for residency after the first year of attendance in our DVM program but it is not required. After year 1, out-of-state students pay in-state tuition + $5.00 per semester. Please contact the University Registrar for more information as well as for other qualifications for establishing residency.

Our transfer policy can be found in the below form. Please contact the admissions office at for more information.

DVM Transfer Application

Yes, we are the only veterinary college in Ohio.

No, applicants who are offered a seat are required to submit a final transcript. Please submit final transcripts to the Office of Professional Admissions by August 1.

Office of Professional Admissions
The Ohio State University
P. O. Box 182004
Columbus, OH 43218-2004

Transcripts should be sent to VMCAS by September 1 as a part of the admissions process, you can learn more here.  

  • Transcripts must be sent to VMCAS from all US and English-speaking Canadian institutions you listed in the Colleges Attended section of your application, even if the courses later transferred to another institution. We cannot process your application without receiving all of your transcripts.
  • Transcripts must be original. Transcripts that are photocopied, faxed, on file at a career center or Interfolio, etc. are not accepted.
  • Transcripts must be addressed to VMCAS. Transcripts addressed to you, a program, a school, or any address other than VMCAS are not accepted.
  • You do not need to send your transcripts directly to The Ohio State University until you are admitted. Final transcripts are required to be sent to Ohio State by August 1.  

Please send transcripts to:

Office of Professional Admissions
The Ohio State University
P. O. Box 182004
Columbus, OH 43218-2004

Admissions decisions are made between December and April. No student is required to accept an offer of admission to any school prior to the national deadline date of April 15.

Deferment is an option reserved for students experiencing unpredicted circumstances that will make it impossible to accept their admissions offer for the coming year. Requests to defer admissions must be submitted in writing to the Director of Admissions by emailing by June 1 of the year the student is offered admission. A committee will review the request. If deferment is approved, any College of Veterinary Medicine scholarships offered will not be available to transfer to the deferred academic year. Deferral requests are only granted for one academic year.

Students are considered for various scholarships once admitted. Learn more about scholarships and other financial resources here.

We accept about 165 new students each year.

After we receive your verified VMCAS application, you will receive an email link to the supplemental application. Please note: the link to the supplemental application may take a few days to be sent to you. The supplemental application is due 10 days after you receive the email link.

No, we do not. Locally, Columbus State Community College offers vet tech programs.

You can review information about prerequisite courses here.  Common course standards for Ohio schools are posted here.

Professional Admissions at Ohio State offers free coursework evaluations for students attending other institutions to assist in selecting and taking coursework that meets our prerequisite requirements. If you would like to request a prerequisite evaluation, please contact the OSU Professional Admissions Office at or (614) 292-9444 or visit their website for more information.

No. You may attend any accredited college or university. We do not have preferred schools from which we select applicants. 

We do not require any specific number of experience hours. Admitted applicants generally have over 1,000 hours of quality "hands-on" experience in the veterinary field. Please remember that the quality of your veterinary experience is more important than the quantity.  You are expected to have a realistic and appropriate perspective of the responsibilities of the veterinary profession. Your experience can be paid or volunteer. You want to be exposed to as many aspects of the profession as possible. You may acquire experience by working with veterinarians in private practice, farms, ranches, animal shelters, zoos, aquaria, laboratories, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one “best” major in which to prepare for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Students generally select a course of study that is related to the life sciences, such as biology, zoology or animal science, but there really are no limits as long as the necessary prerequisite coursework is integrated into the undergraduate major. It is best to choose an academic major that interests you.


Contact the Office of Admissions

Phone: 614-292-1171

A professional license or certification may be required to practice in the field of this academic program or to advance or specialize in the field. This program meets licensure or certification requirements in the state of Ohio and is approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. For information about Veterinary Licensing Boards, visit:

If you are planning to seek a professional license or certification in a state other than Ohio, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate state licensing entity to seek information and guidance about licensure requirements before beginning the program. For more information, please visit