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Current students are strongly encouraged to apply for internal scholarships for the upcoming academic year through a centralized application process.  The number of scholarships, amounts awarded and number of recipients may vary from year to year. Scholarship criteria varies from specific to general and may include categories such as; demographics, background, involvement experience, leadership, academics, etc. 

  • Students will receive an email at the end of the Autumn semester with the application information.
  • The Scholarship Committee reviews each application.
  • Scholarships are awarded based upon the criteria for each scholarship. 
  • Scholarship award notifications are sent to the student and Student Financial Aid during the Spring semester for the upcoming academic year.


Scholarships for incoming students are awarded during the Admissions process. 


All scholarships must be reported through Student Financial Aid.  Students are notified throughout the year of external scholarship opportunities such as scholarships offered by other states or national scholarship contests. Students can seek out other external scholarships as needed. Please review the Bursar's policy on reporting external scholarship.