Welcome to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine is delighted you have chosen to become a Buckeye! We look forward to welcoming you to campus and continuing your journey to become a veterinarian together. We've gathered many of the details you'll need to successfully kick-off your journey here. Make sure to check back regularly, details will be updated throughout the summer. You are the best of the best, congratulations on being accepted to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine!

Save-The-Date: New Student Orientation

August 15-16, 19
New Student Orientation is your first change to get to know your classmates and get familiar with the college. Attendance is mandatory and more details will be provided soon. 

Incoming student checklist

There are many details to complete this summer before you join us on campus. Please review this information and make sure you've completed each step before the required deadline. If you have any questions throughout the process, contact the Office of Professional Programs at (614) 292-1171 or cvmpps@osu.edu

Deadline: ASAP

Activate your account

It is very important to activate your OSU e-mail account as soon as possible so that we can communicate with you. For information, about activating your e-mail account click active account. Instructions to activated your account can be found here. If you have problems activating your email address, contact 8help@osu.edu or (614) 688-4357.

Buckeyemail (name.#@osu.edu email account) Please check your Buckeyemail throughout the summer as you have been added to our Class of 2028 email list and may receive information relevant for your upcoming semester. Please do not “reply all” to emails to avoid filling everyone’s in boxes unnecessarily.  Check your “Junk” and “Clutter” mailboxes within the account as sometime the messages sent through the email lists vet2026@lists.osu.edu are identified as junk or clutter.  The list serve email for the incoming class is typically done mid-June.

Deadline: August 1

View Transcript information and outstanding courses condition

Submit your final transcript(s) to Graduate and Professional Admissions by August 1 (or the end of the semester that your last class ends). Please do not send transcripts to College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Graduate and Professional Admissions
P.O. Box 182004
Columbus Ohio 43218-2004

An electronic version of your transcript can be emailed directly to GPADOCS@osu.edu for the issuing institution or a verified third-party transcript provider.

If you have questions about your transcripts, please call (614) 292-9444 or email gpadmissions@osu.edu.  Failure to submit your final transcript could affect your course schedule for the next term.

Please note: Ohio State students do not have to submit a final OSU transcript. A courtesy copy will be automatically sent to the college.

Deadline: Complete this background check 6-8 weeks in advance of activity or program start date to ensure all results are returned in time.  

In order to begin your academic career you will need to complete a BCI fingerprint background check (or BCI/FBI if you have not lived in Ohio for the past five years), in accordance to the Activities and Programs with Minor Participants policy. As a reminder, you will not be eligible to begin until the fingerprint background check has been completed and reviewed by the Ohio State University Office of Human Resources. All criminal background check information will be held confidential to the extent permitted by Ohio law, and will be handled in accordance with University policy.

You will receive an email in the summer regarding your background check requirement and further instructions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (614) 292-1171 or email hr-backgroundchecks@osu.edu

Deadline: TBD based on the vaccination

In addition to university vaccination requirements, students enrolled at the College of Veterinary Medicine must also complete additional vaccinations. Students are responsible for all expenses not covered by their health insurance. You can request a  to send to your insurance company to justify the need for any of these vaccinations by email cvmpps@osu.edu.  Required vaccinations include:

Required Vaccination Details
Rabies Series & Titers*

One of the options below must be completed by September 30 of the student's first semester 

Option 1: Receive 2 doses of the rabies vaccine series, days 0 and 7 AND complete a rabies titer in spring of Y3 to confirm immunity. New titer standards require a result of 0.5 IU/mL or greater to be considered positive.

Option 2: Receive 2 doses of the rabies vaccine series, days 0 and 7 AND complete a single booster dose of rabies (3rd dose total) anytime 3 weeks after the first dose and up until spring of the Y3 year. Note: 3 doses total will not require a titer in the Y3 year.

The CPT code for the Rabies Vaccine is 90675 with a diagnosis code of Z23.

* As veterinary students and future practicing veterinarians, you will experience an increased risk of exposure to rabies, other zoonotic diseases, and injury. A student who obtained the rabies series prior to entering vet school must turn in proof of the vaccinations that  include the signature of the physician, type of vaccine given and the route of administration or provide a copy of the vaccine record (including all three doses). If the vaccines are over 2 years old by the start of the program, you must have a Rabies antibody titer to confirm you are still immune to the disease. Students with titer results that show no or less than acceptable immunity will be required to have a booster dose of Rabies vaccine to meet the requirement and become fully compliant.

Rabies Immunization Waiver: Students who choose to not comply with the rabies immunization requirement must complete a Rabies Immunization Waiver form prior to matriculation in the college.  This form will be kept on file in the office of Professional Program Support until the student graduates. A student potentially exposed to a rabid animal will be directed to seek medical attention immediately. The physician in charge will determine the post-exposure prophylaxis and treatment necessary, based upon the exposure and immunization history. Students assume the responsibility to cover any expenses not covered by their health insurance

Tdap Must be given within the last 10 years. If expired, a TD booster is acceptable.
Tuberculosis This is not an annual requirement. One single test completed within 6 months of program start date is required.


Student Health Insurance: Students at all campuses of The Ohio State University are required to have health insurance if they are enrolled at least half-time and in a degree program of study.  Students are automatically enrolled in the SHI Benefits Plan when they register for eligible classes in their first term of each academic year, and the university will post the student health insurance fee to their account. Students can choose to keep or waive this automatic enrollment before that term's Select/Waive deadline. Students assume the responsibility to cover any expenses not covered by their health insurance.

Scheduling Vaccination Appointments: Student can schedule their vaccination appointments on campus by contacting the Office of Student Life Student Health Services or by contacting your primary care physician.  

Submitting Documentation:  All vaccination documentation can be submitted through My BuckMD.

Deadline: Prior to Orientation, August 15

All students are required to have an iPad with a privacy screen to use during their DVM program. The device will be used for secured examinations, reviewing learning materials, taking electronic notes, and participating in course activities.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Your iPad model must support the minimum iPadOS version that Examplify supports, and we require a non-Mini model.
  • Recent trends suggest you can expect around 4 years of major software updates; for reference, the original 9.7" iPad Pro came out in 2017 with iPadOS 11, and it received the iPadOS 14 update in September, 2020.
  • Reference Model: iPad Air (5th generation) 64GB Wi-Fi @ $599 (regular retail) / $549 (OSU TechHub), Jailbroken devices are not compatible.
  • Keyboard and Privacy Screen.

Recommended Accessory: 

  • Stylus for handwritten digital notes, which helps to encourage processing and reduce verbatim keyboard notetaking.
  • If you opt for the Apple Pencil, the latest iPad Air (4th generation) supports the 2nd generation Apple Pencil or later

Purchasing Opportunity:

  • You can opt to purchase from OSU TechHub with educational discount. 
  • Purchases at Tech Hub come with onsite repair under warranty. 
  • You can also opt to purchase a protection plan through TechHub, which offers extra/extended warranty.

Device Requirement Considerations: We require the current generation of iPads to not only minimize technology issues during exams, but also to ensure that you would be able to maximize the technology throughout your DVM career. We do not and cannot support the exam software if it is incompatible with an outdated device. The cost of the required iPad is included in the Cost of Attendance for Financial Aid.

Deadline: after mid-June

Contacting the CVM Financial Advisor
Due to FERPA regulations, you must send any financial aid-related emails from your OSU email address. If you send a question or request from any other address, you will be asked to resend it properly. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours. During peak times (May, August, September and January ), please allow additional time for your question to be answered.


Financial Aid Awards will not be available until mid to late June after the class is seated. Please make sure you have completed the FAFSA  if you have not already done so. All VME students will be awarded up to the total cost of attendance if all federal requirements are met. If you have any questions concerning your financial aid, please contact email cvm-dvmfinancialaid@osu.edu.

You will be able to access your financial aid in late June by using your OSU username and password and logging into My Buckeye Link. Under "Finances" click on "View Financial Aid". Select the Aid Year. Click on "Award Summary". If you were awarded loans, you will also need to click on the "To Do List" tab in order to complete promissory notes and other needed items. You can find step-by-step instructions here

Please note: The Federal Graduate PLUS loan and the Health Professions Student loan (if eligibility is met) CANNOT be accepted online in My Buckeye Link. HPSL will have other requirements in the “To Do List” that will need completed prior to receiving the award. For the Federal Graduate PLUS loan you will need to go to www.studentaid.gov and apply for the loan in a separate application. Please complete these steps 3-4 weeks before the start of the term in order to have these funds by the time fees are due.

Under the "Finance" section is also a box with a drop down arrow. Go to "Account Refund" for instructions on setting up Direct Deposit. Under the "Finance" section, you will also find links to selecting or waiving "Student Health Insurance."

If you applied for financial aid and did not receive an award by mid-July, or if you have any other questions concerning your financial aid award, please email your financial aid contact, cvm-dvmfinancialaid@osu.edu, as soon as possible.

The Office of Student Financial Aid welcomes you to The Ohio State University!

Fill out the Incoming Class Questionnaire 

Incoming Class Questionnaire 



Deadline: At receipt

You will receive an electronic copy of the technical standards form to sign typically in the summer. 

Review Technical Standards

Incoming off-shore (Ross/SGU) students can find additional information on our Off shore student information page

Policies and Procedures 

Detailed information about The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's policies and procedures, such as the Accommodation of Disabilities Policy, Attendance Policy, Pregnancy Policy, and Study Room Usage Policy, can be found on the DVM Student Community Carmen Canvas page under "Academics."