Welcome Incoming Off-Shore Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine for your clinical education. We welcome you as you continue on to your clinical year.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is a national leader in the education of professional and postgraduate students, research in veterinary and comparative medicine, and outreach to the community. Ranked fifth in the nation among veterinary schools according to the 2008 U.S. News and World Report's "Best Graduate School," the college includes more than 1,000 faculty, staff and students in the Departments of Veterinary Biosciences, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Veterinary Preventive Medicine.

The Veterinary Hospital is a comprehensive referral center for veterinary practitioners and is among the largest facilities of its kind in the world, with more than 30,000 large and small animal patients each year. In addition, the college operates a nationally recognized large animal ambulatory practice and teaching unit in Marysville, Ohio and a Food Animal Health Research Program in Wooster at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

Useful Information and Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled many of the most frequently asked questions and information that new students might need. Information regarding your schedule, start date, and orientation will be emailed to you. 

For specific questions, please contact CVMPPS@osu.edu or call (614) 292-1171. You are also more than welcome to stop by the Professional Program Support office for any concerns or questions you may have. 

The Ohio State University  College of Veterinary Medicine
127 VMAB
1900 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-1171 (phone)
614-292-6989 (fax)

The Ohio State University   Veterinary Medical Center
601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
Columbus, Ohio 43210
614-292-7159 (phone)

These forms need to be completed immediately and emailed to CVMPPS@osu.edu

Non-OSU Student Employment Form

Academic Visitor Form 
(Please sign this yourself and have one person who is associated with your college, e.g. an administrator, to sign it as a witness.)

Emergency Contact Information Form

Technical Standards Form

Once all the paperwork has been completed, you will be instructed to activate your OSU e-mail account. For instructions on how to activate your OSU e-mail account, please go to activate account. Click on activate account tab and follow the instructions.

Your Ohio State email address is the official communication method for students, staff and faculty. All students are accountable for activating their OSU email account and checking it on a routine basis. Activating your e-mail account will allow you to access e-mail and restricted sites on the OSU and OSU CVM web pages, schedule for classes, and view grades online.

Due to technical problems that have been encountered, we do not recommend forwarding your OSU email account to other commercial email accounts, e.g. hotmail or gmail. If you choose to do so you will be held responsible for any information sent to your OSU email address and the class listserv.

If you need help activating your e-mail address or experience any problems. Please contact OIT Technology Support Center Help Desk. They can be reached at (614) 688-HELP (4357) or email 8help@osu.edu. They can answer questions regarding computer hardware and software, Internet connectivity, and related topics.

Carmen is Ohio State University's online learning management system, which is used by instructors, staff, and TAs to create and share materials. All new users will be required to complete electronic training for ezyVet and other Hospital applications available via Carmen before you will be assigned an ezyVet user account. 

To access Carmen go to carmen.osu.edu and log in with your OSU username (name.#). All of the information you'll need for your clinical year is located in the VMC Clinical Year Rotations Hub.

Students can access Carmen from anywhere at any time to view course materials, submit assignments, and check announcements and grades.

For technical difficulties, contact the Help Desk by email at carmen@osu.edu, via the web at 8help.osu.edu, or by phone at (614) 688-HELP.

Your OSU email will be added to the fourth year student listserv.  Use of the student listserv should be limited to official school business only. 

Health insurance is the responsibility of the student.  You are always at risk of injury when working with the animals, and you are exposed to potential zoonotic diseases during the course of clinical training.  All students are required to have health insurance.

Students are required to provide proof of immunization against rabies.  If the last vaccination date was more than 2 years prior to the scheduled commencement of attendance at OSU-CVM, please provide documentation of rabies titer of >5 or equivalent protective titer obtained within 1 year of scheduled commencement of attendance at OSU-CVM.  Immunization against tetanus is strongly recommended.

For questions about immunization, please contact the student health center at (614) 292-4321.

In clinics students should wear clean, standard white lab coats over appropriate dress clothes, clean surgical scrubs or clean overalls as appropriate to the clinical setting.  Standard issue blue scrubs are required for students.  Each clinical section's faculty will orient students regarding approved apparel.   

Appropriate attire

Students should maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times. When in service clinics, clean, standard white lab coats should be worn over appropriate dress clothes. Jeans, shorts, tee shirts, sweat suits, and midriff showing tops are not permitted. Skirts should be of a professional length. Students must wear standard blue scrubs and blue coveralls.

Required Apparel

  • Order Form
  • Short sleeve coveralls – color, dark blue
  • Rubber boots, no outside buckles, straps, or ties, able to be scrubbed and disinfected easily, can be either over the shoe type or boot slip-on type.
  • Ceil blue scrubs with the embroidered OSU logo – shirt and matching pants. (note that the OSU logo is a new requirement - if you currently have scrubs without the logo you may use them, but please make sure any new purchases include the OSU logo). 
  • White lab coat

Instruments and Supplies

  • Stethoscope
  • Calculator
  • Pen light
  • Quick Thermometer
  • Neuro Hammer
  • Hemostats
  • Bandage Scissors
  • Suture Scissors
  • Small Notebook 
  • Pens
  • Hoof Pick
  • Safety Glasses
  • Apron, gloves and knife for necropsy (can be purchased from the college pharmacy)

Schedules will be emailed to students as soon as they are available.   

Students rotate through different specialty areas that include:

Small animal internal medicine, oncology, neurology, cardiology, radiology, equine field services, large animal field service, food animal medicine and surgery, preventive medicine, community practice, anesthesia, small animal surgery, small animal emergency and critical care, equine emergency, equine medicine and surgery, pathology, ophthalmology, dermatology, shelter medicine and surgery.

If you have a documented physical or learning disability and will be in our program, please contact Caroline El-Khoury (el-khoury.7@osu.edu). Caroline is the college's on-site Accommodations Coordinator.

For more information about Student Life Disability Services (SLDS), go to https://slds.osu.edu/ 

Students arrange their own housing, there are a lot of apartments, condos, and homes for rent in the campus area.

OSU Off Campus Housing

Off Campus Student Services is also available to assist you with your search.  Services include online housing search, information regarding finding off-campus housing, resources for moving into your new apartment or house, resource information for living off-campus, etc.  They can be reached at (614) 292-0100, website, email OCSS@studentlife.osu.edu

As the nation’s 15th largest city, Columbus has a big-city vibe served up with Midwestern friendliness. We are home to Fortune 500 companies, world-class research institutes, top-ranked hospitals and the state’s capitol.

Named the 2015 "Intelligent Community of the Year" by the Intellgent Community Forum, called a "Midwestern style capital" by the New York Times and one of the top ten "Best Place to Live" by Money Magazine, Columbus is second only to Boston for number of college students; nearly half the population falls within the 18-44 age group. Gallup rates Columbus the No. 2 metropolitan area for jobs, and we enjoy the second-highest employment rate in the country for young adults.

Helpful websites:

Experience Columbus
Why All the Cool Kids Love Columbus, OH
Columbus Underground

Students will be able to purchase a parking permit online via CampusParc. Most students purchase the Central Campus Surface Lot C Permit. You can find the current permit costs here: https://osu.campusparc.com/home/permits/student-faculty-staff-permits/annual-permits

Transportation & Parking Services can be reached at:

160 Bevis Hall
1080 Carmack Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210
website: https://osu.campusparc.com/ 

The BuckID is your identification card that is your "key" to vet school. You will be required to obtain a BuckID and Hospital Badge. You will be sent instructions and the necessary paperwork to receive your ID cards prior to your rotation start date.   

The BUCKID office can be reached at:

Ohio Union Room 3040
1739 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43210
website: https://buckid.osu.edu/