Intramural Grant Application Information

The College of Veterinary Medicine intramural funding mechanisms are to provide funding to college faculty and their mentored trainees for projects leading to future extramural funding opportunities. To be eligible, faculty must have their primary appointment in the College of Veterinary Medicine TIU and trainees must be working in college located facilities.

These funding sources can be used for Canine, Paladin, Equine, Feline, Mark Morris and USDA/Animal Health/Formula Funds type grants. Use the templates and resources below to apply.

Intramural Grant Notices and Yearly Deadlines

Canine Funds

  • Template
  • Deadline - May 15 | October 15

Paladin Funds

Equine Funds

  • Template
  • Deadline - March 15 | September 15

Feline Funds

C. Glenn Barber Funds

Mark L. Morris Veterinary Clinical Nutrition Research & Education Fund

USDA/Animal Health/Formula Funds

Regulatory Information: Use of Client Owned Animals

Starting with Spring 2023 application deadlines, all canine, equine, and feline clinical studies using client-owned animals, supported through CVM intramurally awarded canine, equine*, or feline funds, and utilizing hospital research rates will be required to be fully administered by the Blue Buffalo Clinical Trials Office (CTO). The goal is to provide consistent administration, oversight, and support for clinical research in the Veterinary Medical Center. To help offset the cost of using the CTO, up to an additional $3,500 outside the budget cap, will be provided to support the intramural funded clinical trial. If CTO services and fees are projected to exceed this dollar amount, then the balance of funds required must be budgeted within the grant cap.

* Currently CTO will only offer administrative support for equine studies (not patient handling) until appropriately trained technical support is available.

The Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office (BBVCTO) is responsible for reviewing all budgets associated with studies that involve client owned animals at the VMC.  Please follow the guidelines for Clinical Budget Review Process and Study Registration and the Use of Client-owned Animals in Research. You can request a meeting with the BBVCTO for budget review. This will ensure that the budget accurately reflects the proposed work and incorporates the newly instituted discounts at the VMC. A reminder that once a clinical study has received IACUC approval, the PI should register the study with the BBVCTO. The PI will receive an email/approval letter from IACUC containing a link for Study Registration.