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Scholarship impact at Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine


The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine aims to eliminate one year of in-state tuition for very student. Scholarships have tremendous impact on making veterinary education at Ohio State accessible and more affordable. 

Scholarship Impact In Their Own Words 

  • “It’s important to me that young, enthusiastic students devoted to furthering the health and well-being of our planet are supported and encouraged in their veterinary career interests. Establishing a scholarship that celebrates the absolute joy my husband found in his veterinary career that eases the anxiety of students paying for their education, has been one of my happiest gifts to his memory.”
    — Marsha L. Heinke, DVM ’79, EA, CPA, CVP
  • “The opportunity to create an endowed scholarship that enables students to focus on what lies ahead rather than their financial burden, is extremely rewarding and important. Many of my fellow Class of ‘86 friends and colleagues have also found great fulfillment in contributing to the success of the next generation of veterinarians through giving.” — Brian Cassell, DVM ’86
  • “Receiving scholarships has had the most positive impact on my education and life during my time studying veterinary medicine. As a first-generation student, without the support of scholarships, I do not believe I would be in the position I am today, able to continue my education and follow my passions. I am sincerely grateful for the support and encouragement that scholarships have provided.” — McKenzie, Class of 2024
  • “This scholarship will be life-changing to help cover the cost of veterinary school. Going into my clinical year, I feel more supported, confident, and competent because of generous donors and supporters along the way.” — Jeff, Class of 2023
  • “Scholarship support will help me obtain long-term financial security sooner, so I can spend more time giving back to the profession and those who helped me achieve my goal of becoming a veterinarian.” — Max, Class of 2023
  • “Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been selected to receive a scholarship that allows me to further focus on my studies and mental health. I currently work three jobs right now to try to ease the financial stress of veterinary school. This has lifted some of my emotional burdens and for that, I am very grateful.” — Allison, Class of 2024