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When you support students at the College of Veterinary Medicine, you nurture their potential to become leaders in veterinary medicine, making a difference not only in our community but also throughout the world.

When a student receives a scholarship, not only is it impacting the student’s life today, it is also setting them up for success in their future career.  Now, more than ever, scholarships play a vital role in student success.  On average, our students graduate with Two out of three Ohio State veterinary students graduate with $160,000 in student debt, and many of these students end up paying back double what they borrowed.  This debt burden can impact a student’s ability to pursue the career path they are most passionate about, such as completing a residency or purchasing a practice.

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Alumni supported scholarships

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Our Goal

Eliminate one year of tuition for every veterinary student through scholarships.

Where we’re at: $3.15M // Where we need to be: $5.3M

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Student Scholarships

When you support students at the College of Veterinary Medicine, you nurture their potential to become leaders in veterinary medicine and research, making a difference in our communities and the world. You can be a champion for students by supporting our ambitious scholarship goal.


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Create a Scholarship and Give the Gift of Opportunity

Experience the impact a scholarship has on our students first hand. Janet Johnston had the opportunity to meet the latest recipient of her scholarship, and we’re excited to share a portion of that discussion.



Two options are available to fund your scholarship:

  • Endowed gifts create dependable, permanent funding through long-term investments. An endowed fund is invested and continues to grow. Once a minimum level is attained, the interest earned from the principal provides an annual distribution to support your scholarship in perpetuity.
  • Annual gifts can be used in their full amounts to provide student scholarship. A multiyear commitment will insure several years of scholarships.

Alumni: Join the Reunion Scholarship Challenge

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Challenging reunion classes to donate and support future Buckeyes!

Each year, classes celebrating a milestone reunion (ending in 5 or 0) give back to honor the anniversary of their graduation from the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Connect with your classmates during Homecoming Weekend and support scholarships for current veterinary students in honor of your class reunion!

Gifts to any scholarship fund at the college count for the Reunion Scholarship Challenge. Some classes have chosen to establish a named scholarship endowment while others are supporting some of the general scholarship funds already established at the college. The challenge lasts all year, the classes with the highest overall percentage participation in the challenge will be recognized with special prizes at the end of the year. 

You make your Reunion Scholarship Challenge gift online or contribute via additional means such as check, IRA, appreciated stock, and estate gift. Recurring gifts are an easy and meaningful way to contribute to the scholarship challenge. You can support your class scholarship all year with a recurring gift. 

For questions on making your gift, please contact Hannah Pierce at 614-247-9287 or

Alumni spotlight

Pay It Forward

Every scholarship, no matter the amount, makes a difference in the lives of our students. Scholarships from alumni show our students that they are part of a larger community eager to see them thrive. John Strasser, DVM '74, choses to support scholarship to provide others with the same opportunities he enjoyed.

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“Scholarships like this both help me self-fund my education and reduce debt, which will help me when I decide to take on more debt for my own practice.”

Jason Trainer

2022-2023 Recipient of the Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund / DVM '24

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Help us Continue to Grow

Because of thoughtful donors like you, Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine has been able to steadily increase our scholarship fund. Each year, we are able to support more students and get closer to our goal of eliminating one year of tuition for all of our students through scholarship. 

Contact us to Create Your Scholarship our scholarship now

Our development officers will help guide you identifying criteria for awarding of your scholarship. You’ll also have the chance to engage with scholarship recipients at our Evening of Gratitude, a special experience that brings donors with the students, faculty and staff directly impacted by the donor’s generosity.

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