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Generous supporters empower The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine to reach our ambition to Be The Model® comprehensive college of veterinary medicine in the world.

The College of Veterinary Medicine is focused on innovation, collaboration and excellence in education, research, patient care, outreach and service. Our research has led to developing the first feline leukemia vaccine and kept us on the leading edge in the development of advanced orthopedic procedures including fracture repair and arthroscopy in horses and total hip replacement in dogs.

There are a variety of ways you can support the college. 

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Ways to give

Types of Gifts

group of students, donors and college faculty gathered around a table

Ways to Give

At The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, we strive to advance the health and well-being of animals and people, educate the next generation of veterinarians and conduct ground-breaking research. With your support, we will continue to Be The Model® comprehensive college of veterinary medicine in the world.

Let’s work together and build an indelible legacy that will impact the lives of animals and humans for current and future generations.

Cash gifts are typically fully tax deductible for federal tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized. If you would like to support the college by mailing a check, please follow these instructions. For more information about giving by check, please call 614-688-8433.

  • Make check out to: The Ohio State University Foundation
  • Write the fund number in the memo line (see a list of College of Veterinary Medicine funds)
  • Mail the check to:
    The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
    VMAB 127H
    1900 Coffey Rd
    Columbus, OH 43210


Cash gifts are typically fully tax deductible for federal tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized. In addition to one time donations, you can set up a payment on your credit card to occur monthly or annually. For more information about giving by debit or credit card, please call 614-688-8433.

Explore a list of College of Veterinary Medicine funds and give by debit or credit card online. 

A gift can be paid with annual installments over a period of time. A pledge may enable a more significant gift than would be otherwise possible.

Many donors find value in giving from their IRA’s during their lifetime or making the college a beneficiary. Benefits include eliminating paying income taxes on the distribution and counting the gift towards your required distribution.

Read additional details on beneficiary designations and watch a video on how giving from this asset can work. You can also learn how to give via your qualified charitable distribution

When you donate appreciated securities or mutual funds you have held more than one year, you can reduce or even eliminate federal capital gains taxes on the transfer. You may also be entitled to a federal income tax charitable deduction based on the fair market value of the securities at the time of the transfer. Learn more about donating appreciated securities.

Many donors are interested in leaving money to the college via their will. Explore all options available. A well-designed estate plan enables supporters of all means to meet their financial needs and contribute to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s long-term success. Taking the time to evaluate your financial and charitable goals will allow you to develop a plan that is right for you and your family — and one that leaves a lasting impact at the college.

The Office of Estate and Gift Planning is available to assist you and your professional advisors in creating a plan that fits your unique situation and meets your charitable and financial needs. Many of these unique methods offer significant tax savings, including a current income tax charitable deduction, possible reduction in estate tax liability and capital gains tax savings. You can even choose options that increase income, either for yourself or loved ones. Learn more about tax incentives when you donate.

Donor Spotlight

Robyn and Neil Fillman

Robyn and Neil Fillman chose to support The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine by supporting student scholarships and the Clinical and Professional Skills Center.  In the Veterinary Clinical and Professional Skills Center, students can practice skills on life-like models, in a simulated environment, perfecting their skills over and over.  The generosity of donors makes a big difference across Ohio State.

Two people and their dog sitting on a couch

"We've had horses, dogs and cats our whole life so we knew how important veterinarians and veterinary medicine is. We chose to support the clinical skills lab because we wanted to give veterinary students the opportunity to practice skills in a supportive environment. To help veterinary students improve their training, means so much. I love hearing from students how meaningful the skills lab is to them." 

Robyn and Neil Fillman

How You Can Make an Impact 

Shackelford Chair Installation

Your gifts have the opportunity to impact the College of Veterinary Medicine for generations to come. There are two types of funds you can create at the college to benefit our education, research, outreach and clinical activities. 

Current Use Funds

Current use funds are donor supported funds. Gifts to current use funds provide immediate, short-term support for the university’s core mission— education, research, knowledge creation and community service. Current use funds can provide unrestricted support to the university/unit or be restricted to a purpose as specified by the donor. 

  • Unrestricted current use funds provide discretionary support to the university/unit as determined by the highest ranking official. 
  • Restricted current use funds provide scholarships to students, support for programs and research, upkeep and maintenance for facilities, support for faculty and staff or support for other initiatives. 

Current use funds may also serve to honor or memorialize family, friends, colleagues or mentors.  Current use gifts are received through The Ohio State University Foundation and spent per the fund description and guidelines. The donor and university create a gift agreement to outline the fund name, purpose and timeline for contributions. 

Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds can be established at The Ohio State University for a variety of reasons: to provide scholarships, to honor distinguished careers, to memorialize loved ones or to simply thank the college or university. In most cases, the donor's motivation for establishing or contributing to an endowed fund is a desire to permanently enhance the college and its programs. Endowment donations are invested. A portion of the annual income from the investment is used to address immediate needs at Ohio State. The remaining funds are reinvested to ensure indefinite support.

Each named fund is administered by the college or university department designated by the donor and the Board of Trustees. The college dean or chair of that department is responsible for making expenditures from the fund under the directions set forth in the endowment description.

Questions about Giving?

To learn more about the College of Veterinary Medicine or for additional information on supporting the college, please contact us.

Office of Advancement
127 Veterinary Medicine Academic Building
1900 Coffey Road
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: 614-688-8433


Dr. Liesa Stone
Assistant Dean of the Office of Institutional Advancement, Executive Director of Strategic Engagement, and Chief Advancement Officer 
Phone: 614-688-1172

Tim King
Senior Director of Development
Phone: 614-292-2693

Monika Blackwell
Director of Development
Phone: 614-292-0114


Carly Zeiger
Director of Development
Phone: 614-292-5694

Patty Huntley
Assistant Director of Development
Phone: 614-292-4726 

Hannah Pierce
Annual Giving Coordinator
Phone: 614-247-9287

Alumni Affairs

Tiffany Dodson
Alumni Relations & Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 614-247-1675


Michelle Elam
Director of Stewardship and Constituent Engagement
Phone: 614-688-5517