The BuckeyeASP program is a partnership between the OSU-CVM Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and private veterinary practices across Ohio. This program aims to promote antimicrobial stewardship, actively engaging veterinary medicine in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. 

If you are a private practice looking to establish an ASP in your own clinic, Buckeye ASP can: 

  • Provide Tailored Antimicrobial Use Guidelines  
  • Provide means to report on antimicrobial use data and culture/sensitivity data (antiobiograms) for your practice 
  • Provide environmental surveillance and culture/sensitivity results  
  • Track nosocomial infections by providing culture/sensitivity results for suspect nosocomial cases 
  • Provide CE content to your clinic on antimicrobial stewardship topics 
  • Provide expert feedback on complex resistant infections from our board-certified staff

Please contact our team to learn more about getting involved.  

 antimicrobial stewardship program team photo