Diversity Committee Members

The Diversity committee is a collection of individuals from across the college dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging within our community. Committed to promoting diversity in all its forms, our committee members bring a wealth of experiences, perspectives, and expertise to create a vibrant and inclusive environment for everyone. 

Name Position
Sandra Dawkins Director, Admissions and Recruitment; Co- Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Advisor James H. Bias Affinity Group
Dr. Sue Knoblaugh Associate Professor – Clinical, VBS, Co- Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Advisor VOICE
Tarshangi Dixit Class of 2023 Rep
Becky Li Asians in Vet Med at Ohio State President
Dr. Dubra Diaz-Campos Assistant Professor - Clinical, VCS, Advisor LatinX
Dr. Sandra Diaz Vergara Assistant Professor - Clinical, VCS
Dr. Carrie Freed Professor – Clinical, VPM
Jen Gonzalez Class of 2023 Rep
Dr. Brian Husbands Assistant Professor – Clinical, VCS
Anna Cote Class of 2024, President VOICE
Dr. Nong Inpanbutr Professor – VBS
Harun Khan Class of 2024 Rep
Dr. Raphael Malbrue Adjunct Advisor James H. Bias & LatinX
Kelvin Moore Class of 2024 Rep, President James H. Bias Affinity Group
Clarice Souza Class of 2023 Rep, President LatinX
Michael Javurek Class of 2025 Rep
Clarissa Martinez-Blat Class of 2025 Rep
Brittany Carter-Stewart Class of 2023 Rep
Taylor Williams Class of 2023 Rep, PRIDE Liaison
Megan Whalin Class of 2023 Rep
Mia Lynch Class of 2025, President WVLDI, MCVMA Student Ambassador
Cynthia Angulo Class of 2025, MCVMS Student Ambassador