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Past Events

  1. 17

    Location: Veterinary Medicine Academic Building, 1900 Coffey Road

    Time:  10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    High School Students must register for this event at: 

    If you have questions, please email the Office of Special Events at

  2. 16

    The Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary medicine will sponsor a lecture on Addison's Disease.

    Food will be served.

    Please RSVP Laura


  3. 15

    The Equine Club will be making toys for blood donor horses.

  4. 15

    The SVECCS will present "Aspiration pneumonia with Dr. Cooper".

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Julia

  5. 14

    Dr. Quimby will be speaking over lunch about managing appetite in feline CKD.  

    Please RSVP Kathleen



  6. 14

    SAVMA Heifer will have a bake sale to raise awareness for the SAVMA Heifer International committee and organization.


  7. 14

    VOICE will be celebrating the different relationships founded on love.

  8. 14

    The Equine Club will present Equine Lameness.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Catherine


  9. 13
    Feb today are very different than they used to be, yet have a strong interest in where their food comes from, including how food animals are raised and handled. To help build consumer trust in dairy products, the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council (DCWC) is pleased to offer the webinar series for 2018.

  10. 13

    Dr. Liza Guess will be speaking to the Dentral Club about the differences between canine and feline teeth and dental techniques. 

    Open to Dental Club Members only.

    Food will be provided.

    Please RSVP Ian