Alumni Veterinary Preventive Medicine

VPH Program Celebrates 200th Graduate Milestone

Dr. Armando Hoet, Professor and Director or the Master's of Public Health / Veterinary Public Health Program performed the exit interview in this spring of the program's 200th graduate of the VPH specialization, Devon Mendez.

Devon Mendez

Devon's accomplishments include:

  • serving as cohort representative,  
  • working on the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Veterinary Education Twinning Program in East Africa, 
  • creating content (as part of her culminating project ) on outbreak investigations and infectious diseases for the Day One Platform sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 
  • participating in research in Guatemala working on Aflatoxins in the corn supply and the impact on expectant mothers, 
  • working as an intern in the Ohio Department of Health – Food Safety Program, 
  • analyzing data for the United Nations – Food and Agriculture Organization regarding antimicrobial use in East Africa (publication pending), 
  • receiving multiple job offers before her defense, some of them as prestigious/competitive such as the EIS program in California, 
  • accepting a position as an epidemiologist in the Bureau of Infectious Diseases at ODH…and doing all of this while maintaining almost a perfect GPA in the program.

Based on projections, by the end of this semester the program will have graduated a total of at least 207 MPH-VPHs since its initiation 13 years ago, including 1 graduating public health resident, 2 currently in the program and 2 more starting in the fall. This is a major milestone for the VPH program that only has been possible due to the incredible and sustained effort and labor of the faculty and staff, as well as with the continuous support of our leadership. Many of the alumni of the VPH Program are now contributing in diverse roles in Veterinary Public Health in Ohio, the United States and worldwide. On behalf of the VPH Program, thank you to everyone for your combined effort and continued support!