Veterinary Medical Center

Tips for Pet Owners During an Eclipse

What you need to know to keep your pet safe.

Companion animals are more likely to be concerned about the humans acting differently than they are the eclipse itself.

  • Dogs, cats, birds, etc. do not normally stare at the sun; they heed their natural reflexes not to look (unlike us curious humans). 
  • Avoid encouraging your pets to look at the eclipse. They will not understand it, and doing so without eye protection can harm their retinas, too. It may also be perceived as a confrontational interaction.
  • If extra people will be going in and out of your home for an eclipse party, for example, make sure to have a second barrier to avoid pets escaping (baby gate, flexible pen, having dog on leash etc.). 
  • If you are having visitors and that is a situation that has stressed your pet previously, talk to your veterinarian now about management strategies. They may include anti-anxiety supplements, pheromones or medications to help your pet have the best eclipse experience possible.
  • If the increase in darkness prompts your pet to sleep or nap, let them. (One of the perks of being a pet is napping whenever they want.)