16th Annual Animal Remembrance Ceremony

woman and dog at animal remembrance ceremony in may 2022


May 18, 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Veterinary Medicine Academic Building - Wexner Auditorium

1900 Coffey Rd , Columbus OH 43210

Hosted by the Veterinary Medical Center’s Honoring the Bond program, the Remembrance Ceremony provides a time to reflect and remember the beloved animals that have passed during the previous year. This event is open to all caregivers of patients of the Veterinary Medical Center, including feline, canine, equine and farm animal patients who have passed during this year. 

The ceremony allows owners coping with the death of a pet to gather together for a special memorial service. The ceremony enables pet owners to express emotions and memories through the support of The Honoring the Bond team. The ceremony helps provide pet owners with a sense of closure and an opportunity to remember and grieve the loss of their pet. Participants are invited to submit photographs for a slide show that will be included as part of the ceremony. 

For any questions about the ceremony, please contact us directly at or 614-247-8607. Additional information will be provided closer to the event to those that RSVP.

This event is free but RSVP is required.