Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health Residency

Our objective is to create conservation medicine clinicians who, on graduation, will advance the field on a national and international scale through clinical service, research, and education.

The Program

Through an equal partnership, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and The Wilds offer a unique three-year, ACZM-accredited residency in Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health. This cooperative program provides trainees with coursework, a research program, intensively and extensively managed zoological medicine training and field experience emphasizing a One Health approach to the study of non-domestic animal health.

The program is structured to enable the Resident to be American College of Zoological Medicine board eligible and earn a Master’s of Science degree in Comparative Biomedical Science at the completion of the residency.

Residents spend one year primarily housed at each facility but work with the other two throughout the entire three years, creating a strong cross-facility experience.

  • Year One: At Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine, residents receive didactic instruction in subjects chosen to augment their skills in conservation medicine and begin their Master’s research.
  • Year Two: At the Columbus Zoo, training focuses on medicine within a zoological collection, contributing to the Zoo’s conservation programs and continuing their research.
  • Year Three: At The Wilds, in addition to a primary focus on medicine in a large pasture/large herd management scheme, conservation medicine is emphasized through exposure to ecological and wildlife research projects, and the Master’s research is concluded, written and defended.

The Facilities

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked in the Top 5 in the nation among veterinary schools according to U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Graduate Schools.” The college includes more than 1,000 faculty, staff, and students in the Departments of Veterinary Biosciences, Veterinary Clinical Sciences and Veterinary Preventive Medicine. The residency program is housed in the One Welfare and Sustainability Center, supporting the resident with access to world leading facilities, educators, courses and opportunities.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is home to more than 10,000 animals representing over 800 species. The zoo is AZA Accredited and offers many educational, research and conservation opportunities. As an international leader in conservation medicine, the Zoo has supported and been actively involved with more than 70 projects in 30 countries examining the conservation and/or restoration of critical species and habitat. In-staff expertise in primate conservation and marine ecosystem restoration has resulted in a positive global impact.

The Wilds supports over 300 animals representing approximately 25 species of conservation concern around the world. As an AZA Accredited institution, The Wilds is a globally unique facility combining cutting edge science, medicine and husbandry. As such, The Wilds is an international leader in the conservation medicine of large open-range species. In-staff expertise in veterinary management of large herds on extensive pastures, field conservation, exotic hoof stock and pachyderms has helped secure The Wilds as a globally important conservation site. As one of the largest conservation facilities in North America, it is a significant contributor to restoration of several key species locally and around the world.


Contact Us

Specific questions about the Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health residency program can be directed to:

Mark S. Flint, BVSc, BSc(Hons), MApplSc, MPhil, PhD, Dipl. ACAW
Program Head - Zoo & Wildlife Conservation Medicine & Ecosystem Health
Phone: 614-292-6166
Email: flint.71@osu.edu