Off-Site Elective Information and Registration

The College of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to work with cooperating facilities to provide flexible and broad-based educational opportunities to meet all Ohio State Veterinary students' practical, experiential educational needs. In order to provide interested students with consistent information upon which to make important elective decisions, an online application process has been established to give interested locations a "user-friendly" way to communicate with the student body about what they have to offer.

Information for prospective off-site elective locations

Submission of an elective location application does not guarantee that the experience will be made available to students, nor does the College promise that if a location is approved it will be continued indefinitely. An evaluation of applying locations will be made to determine basic suitability, and evaluations of the student experiences will be reviewed to determine the quality of the educational experience and provide the College with information to determine continued collaboration. The College retains all rights to approve or withdraw approval of any externship location at any time. 

Submit an application to become an approved Off-site Elective

Please be as detailed as possible so students understand your practice or business, the types of species you treat, and the overall goal of the elective experience. For example:

  • Our four-doctor mixed animal practice treats patients ranging from cats and dogs to horses and other farm animals. The student will ride along during farm calls, treat patients, and have daily discussions with the veterinarians. We serve a diverse clientele and are located in rural Pennsylvania.
  • Veterinary externs at will spend time on the production facilities learning health management and production practices. They will be involved with fish health exams and treatments on the farm in addition to spending time at the Diagnostic Laboratory participating in fish necropsies as well as performing bacteriology, virology, and molecular biology assays. Externs may also be involved with research projects that could include disease investigation, vaccine development and delivery, nutrition, brood fish selection, and others.

Please list what the student will be responsible for and what they will learn at your place of business. For example:

  • Student will be responsible for assisting at all farm calls, and taking primary case responsibility when deemed appropriate
  • Student will be responsible for charting medical records and communicating medication needs with clients
  • Students will participate in daily case discussions
  • Students will be allowed to assist in surgeries
  • Students will develop diagnostic plans
  • Student will be expected to perform physical exams

Off-Site elective locations may offer housing, a living stipend, or a scholarship, although it is not required. 

We are happy to have you share with friends and clients your pride in working with our students. However, approval of an elective location should not be used as an endorsement of that location by the college and participating facilities do not have permission to use that affiliation or the name and service marks of the college/university in advertising or marketing.

After a student has completed a rotation at your place of business, you will need to fill out the electronic evaluation form they provide. Instructions are included on the form. 

Information for students

Off-site electives provide students with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real-world clinical setting. Off-site electives are valuable experiences that not only enhance practical skills but also cultivate the professional and interpersonal competencies necessary for a successful career in veterinary medicine.

View a list of approved off-site electives

The College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to supporting students with disabilities through reasonable accommodations to gain full access to their educational experiences. Students completing clinical rotations at off-campus locations may notify the off-campus supervisor of approved accommodations. For questions on how to implement accommodations or any concerns, contact Caroline El-Khoury at

All veterinary students are required to carry their own health insurance. The college provides them with liability insurance and now has insurance for the students who go off-campus for an elective experience. We have both the malpractice and general liability coverage. This insurance applies to students of The Ohio State University while working offsite in a curriculum required or an Ohio State University approved elective, practicum or work study, and continuing field work done in relation to course work. If an off-campus elective location needs proof of insurance, please contact the CVM Office of Professional Programs at (614) 292-0942 or you may access the current OSU insurance information by visiting the Department of Insurance and select the “Students in Practicum  COI” in the right sidebar menu for a copy of the current Certificate of Liability Insurance.

The Colorado Workers' Compensation Act requires student interns to be covered by workers' compensation insurance. Ohio State is not able to add students to its institutional workers' compensation policy. Prior to scheduling an externship in Colorado, students must work with their externship supervisor to ensure that Colorado worker's compensation insurance requirements will be met. Proof of worker's compensation coverage must be sent to Dr. Emma Read for verification. If a student is not covered by a worker's compensation policy for their externship they will not earn academic credit for the rotation. For more information, visit:

Off-Site elective locations may offer housing, a living stipend, or a scholarship. As of November 2019, students seeking off-site electives at approved sites that require student to be employed as a condition of their agreement, are able to be hired and paid while receiving academic credit, as an employee if the supervisor is a licensed Veterinarian or approved by the Associate Dean for Professional Programs.  The College of Veterinary Medicine will not participate in the employment agreements, as the agreement is between the student and the employer.  Students are encouraged to seek support from OSU Student Legal Services (student fees applicable) or other legal review before signing any employment contract.