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Financial Aid Information

Contacting Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Financial Aid Basics Billing and Payment


Please send an email to: George Lee at

Due to FERPA regulations, you must send any financial aid-related emails from your OSU email address. If you send a question or request from any other address, you will be asked to resend it properly.

You can expect a response within 24-48 hours. During peak times (May, August/September, and January), please allow additional time for your question to be answered.


The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a figure determined by OSU and the College of Veterinary Medicine every year. The COA represents the annual estimated cost of the DVM program, and considers tuition, books and supplies, housing, meals, etc., in the total. *Note, the COA does not include Student Health Insurance. If you are planning on using the University-offered insurance, be sure to account for that in your personal budget.

*Non-Ohio residents do not benefit from the tuition subsidy funded by Ohio taxpayers, so they are charged a non-resident fee in addition to the in-state tuition.

For information questions about residency, go to, select Ohio Residency for Tuition.

Detailed 2018-19 COA allowances for all years are available for review below:

Estimated Costs of Attendance 2018-19




9 months (August-May)

9 months (August-May)

9 months (August-May)

12 months (May-May)

Direct Costs—Tuition & Fees

Estimated Tuition & University Fees (In-State)





Non-Resident Fee





Total Non-Res Fees





Indirect Costs--Living Expenses, Books & Supplies

Rent, food, transportation, supplies, immunizations, etc.





Total Cost of Attendance





Total Non Res COA (if student becomes an Ohio resident year #2) 





Total Non Res COA (if student does not gain residency year #2)  $93,364 $91,044 $92,028 $138,937

*4th year students attend 3 semesters, so tuition is charged for Summer, Autumn, and Spring. Because of the extra term of attendance, they also have a larger living expense budget. 

The COA figure represents the MAXIMUM amount of financial aid (scholarships or loans) that a student may use for the academic year.

Students are strongly encouraged to create a personal budget to determine how much financial aid they will need for housing, food, utilities, and personal costs each semester. By creating a budget, you will be able to see if your expenses are greater or less than our estimated Cost of Attendance. If your expenses exceed our COA, you may need to make some adjustments to your personal budget.


The College of Veterinary Medicine is committed to offering students financial resources, loan counseling, and budgeting assistance during their time at Veterinary School. Students may choose to fund their education through a variety of resources, including:

  • Personal or Family Contribution
  • Scholarships
  • Loan Assistance  

Students planning to use Federal Financial Aid must to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online. The priority deadline to complete the FAFSA is February 1st of each academic year. Be sure to include the OSU school code (003090) on your application.

Before filing the FAFSA, you must register for an FSA ID (a username and password you will create in order to log in to any federal aid website). You will be prompted to create your FSA ID on the FAFSA website. The FSA ID will take the place of your federal PIN, if you have created a Personal Identification Number previously.

*International Students may receive federal aid only if they are an eligible non-citizen. If you do not qualify as an eligible non-citizen, then you will not be eligible for federal aid at OSU. You may want to check with your country’s embassy or government office to see if they have any programs or aid available for your international studies.


Scholarships and Grants are monies that do not need to be repaid after graduation or at any time. Students are notified about the availability of scholarships/grants via e-mail, fliers, and personal contact. All CVM students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of all available scholarship opportunities to help minimize their loan debt load.

  • Admissions Scholarships
    • Awarded to incoming students based on test scores, admissions information, and interview scores.
    • Contact CVM Admissions at 614-292- for more information.
  • CVM Donor Scholarships
    • Award criteria based on:
      • city, county, state where you attended high school
      • reasons for pursuing a DVM degree
      • species-oriented interests in veterinary medicine
    • If you have questions about these scholarships, please contact The College of Veterinary Medicine Professional Program Support Office at (614) 292-1171
  • Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarships
  • External Scholarship
    • Any scholarships not awarded through OSU.
    • All external scholarships must be reported as a resource on your OSU financial aid award summary. You are required to notify your Financial Aid Advisor when you have received any outside scholarships (regardless if the funds are sent directly to you or to OSU). 

 Loan Options

Federal Loans


Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

Health Professions Student Loan

Application Process

Complete the FAFSA

Complete the FAFSA and ONLINE application

Complete the FAFSA with Parent Income Info

Credit Check Needed


Yes (Endorser may be used if credit check is denied)


Annual Borrowing Limit

Yr 1- 3 $40,500

Yr 4- $47,167

Up to remaining COA, after accounting for all other aid

Ranges from $3750-$9750, based on rank and annual funding

Interest Rate & Terms

Please consult federal website for most recent interest rate information


Interest accrues while in school

Please consult federal website for most recent interest rate information


Interest accrues while in school

Fixed at 5%


Interest does NOT accrue while in school, and up until 12 months after graduation

Origination fee

Consult federal website

Consult federal website



Begins 6 months after graduation, falling below half-time enrollment, or withdrawing from the University

Begins 6 months after graduation, falling below half-time enrollment, or withdrawing from the University

Begins 12 months after graduation, falling below half-time enrollment, or withdrawing from the University



Financial Aid Packaging Timelines
Year 1: Early June (and typically no later than July 1st)
Year 2: Early May
Year 3: Early May
Year 4: Late April

You will receive an email at your OSU address when your Financial Aid Award Package for the upcoming year is available to view and accept. You will be prompted to log on to your BuckeyeLink Student Center to access your award information. Your Award Package will include any scholarships or loans for which you are eligible.

Accepting Awards on Buckeye Link


Scholarships (if eligible)

Unsubsidized Loan

Grad PLUS Loan


Packaging Info

Automatically accepted on your Award Summary

Packaged as an “offer” on your Award Summary

Will not be included on your Award Summary unless you specifically apply for the loan

Packaged as an “offer” on your award summary only if you meet eligibility requirements

Action(s) Needed


- Accept all or a portion of the loan online.
- Complete the Electronic Master Promissory Note
- Complete the online Entrance Counseling


- Complete online application at
- Complete PLUS Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling

- Complete HSPL Self Certification form, and return to Financial Aid Advisor

Detailed instructions for accepting financial aid can be found here

Important Notes:

  • Loans are packaged for the entire academic year. The total amount you accept will be divided evenly between your terms of enrollment. If you are attending Autumn and Spring, your total loan amounts will be split in half. If you are attending Summer, Autumn, and Spring, your loans will be split in thirds.
  • If you originally accept less than the maximum on any of your loans, you may request the remaining funds at any point in the academic year, up until Mid-April of your Spring Semester.
  • Keep an eye on your Buckeye Link To-Do List. Any required financial Aid items (like the Promissory Notes or Entrance Counseling) will be listed there for you to complete. The MPN and Entrance Counseling are valid for 10 years, so you should only need to complete these items once.


Statement of Account and Fee Deadlines

Your Statement of Account for each term will be available about a month prior to the first day of classes. You can view your Statement through your Student Center under the Finances Section.

Tuition is billed by semester. Years 1-3 are billed for Autumn and Spring (2 terms). Fourth years are billed for Summer, Autumn, and Spring (3 terms, including clinical rotations). Fee deadlines for each semester can be found at the OSU Registrar’s website: .

Personal Payments

There is a 21 day encumbrance/holding period on any personal payments made on tuition. If you are planning on paying a portion of your fees out of pocket, and using loans to cover living expenses, your refund will be held about 21 days from the date of your personal payment. To prevent any delay of your refund, be sure to make your personal payment about one month in advance of the fee due date.

Financial Aid Payment

Provided all requirements are complete, Financial Aid will disburse to your Statement of Account 7-10 days prior to the start of each term. Your aid will first pay toward your tuition, fees, and miscellaneous charges. After all charges are paid, any excess funds will be sent to you as a refund for living expenses.

Direct Deposit for Financial Aid Refund

Students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit to receive their refunds, as it is the quickest option. You can enroll in Direct Deposit through your Buckeye Link Student Center by clicking “Account Refund” under the Finances Section. If you do not enroll in Direct Deposit, a paper check will be mailed to the home address we have on file for you.