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Veterinary Clinical Sciences

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Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, one of three academic departments in the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University.  An integral part of a leading public land grant institution, our College is a core component of one of the most comprehensive health sciences centers in the world. The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences combines multiple disciplines into a cohesive academic unit that focuses on research, publications, and the education of veterinary and graduate students. In addition, the department partners with the Veterinary Medical Center to provide the highest quality care to our clients and patients.


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From a cancer diagnosis to a remarkable recovery to his final days, Marley the chocolate lab never failed to make an impact on those around him. When Marley received exceptional care from Ohio State, his owners decided to show their gratitude.
Only three veterinary hospitals in the U.S. offer capsule endoscopy, including Ohio State's VMC. By utilizing a 1 ½ cm pill that encloses a compact, high-resolution camera, veterinarians can now fully analyze an animal’s gastrointestinal (digestive) tract.
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