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Ramiro Toribio, DVM, MS, PhD Diplomate ACVIM
Professor - Tenure
Equine Internal Medicine

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

The Ohio State University
601 Vernon Tharp Street
Columbus, Ohio 43210

(614) 614-292-6661
(614) 614-688-5642

Professional Training and Experience

  • PhD, The Ohio State University, Equine Endocrinology, 2001
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 1999
  • MS, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Animal Endocrinology, 1993
  • DVM, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (Honors), Argentina, 1988
  • BS, Mexico-Panama Technological Institute (Honors), Panama, 1982

Research Interests

  • Equine Endocrinology
  • Equine calcium regulation during health and disease:
    • Pathogenesis of hypocalcemia during sepsis and endotoxemia
    • Parathyroid gland function in healthy and diseased horses
    • Transepithelial calcium transport
    • Mechanisms of hypercalcemia in horses
    • Molecular aspects of calcium regulation in horses
  • Animal Models of Bone Development:
    • Genetic manipulation of the PTHrP gene in mice
    • Importance of the PTHrP gene in osteoblast differentiation and function

Research Programs