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Linda J. Saif, MS, PhD, Honorary Diplomate ACVM
Distinguished University Professor
Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine 

Food Animal Health Research Program
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
The Ohio State University
Food Animal Health Building
1680 Madison Avenue
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Ph: (330) 263-3742
Fx: (330) 263-3677

Professional Training and Experience

  • BA, 1965-1969, The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. Field of study: Biology and Chemistry
  • MS, 1969-1971, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Field of study: Immunology
  • PhD, 1971-1976, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Field of study: Virology and Immunology
  • Post-doc, 1976-1979, The Ohio State University, OARDC, Wooster, OH. Field of study: Virology and Immunology

Research Interests

  • Diagnosis, molecular characterization, pathogenesis, immunity and development of vaccines to enteric and respiratory viruses of swine and cattle. Current emphasis is on the use of monoclonal antibodies and RT-PCR assays for viral diagnosis and strain differentiation; characterization of passive immunity and mucosal immune responses to enteric viruses, development of recombinant DNA vaccines; and studies of mucosal adjuvants and immunomodulators
  • Diagnosis of enteric viral infections in swine, cattle, sheep, mink wildlife and exotic animal species using electron microscopy, ELISA and RT-PCR
  • Enteric respiratory viruses being examined include rotaviruses, coronaviruses, bredoviurses, caliciviruses and small round structured viruses