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Laura Selmic, BVetMed (Hons), MPH, DACVS-SA, DECVS, ACVS Founding Fellow, Surgical Oncology, ACVS Founding Fellow, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
Associate Professor
Teckie and Don Shackelford Chair in Canine Medicine
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 
The Ohio State University
601 Vernon L. Tharp St.
Columbus, OH 43210

Professional Training and Experience 

   - BVetMed (Hons) from The Royal Veterinary College, University of London

   - MPH from The Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado

Research Interests

   - Imaging to enhance surgical planning and assessment of surgical margins

  - Optical coherence tomography imaging for surgical margin assessment 

  - Cancer epidemiology

  - Clinical trial and study design