--CLOSED-- Dogs with mast cell tumor. --CLOSED--

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Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKIs), including toceranib (Palladia), are a class of drugs that are being used with increased frequency in both human and veterinary oncology. In both populations side effects occur in a large percentage of patients, with many requiring dose reductions or drug holidays, potentially impacting treatment success. Toceranib is used frequently in veterinary medicine and has been demonstrated to have a clinical benefit for dogs with a variety of tumor types including mast cell tumors, anal gland anal sac adenocarcinoma, thyroid carcinomas, head and neck carcinomas, nasal tumors, and metastatic osteosarcoma among others.

The most commonly encountered side effects in dogs receiving toceranib are reported to be gastrointestinal (GI) in nature and include diarrhea, vomiting, reduced appetite and weight loss. The frequency and severity of these side effects is variable among individual dogs and currently there are no clinical or molecular makers to identify those dogs that would benefit from the use of medications to prevent GI side effects.  This is critical as the development of GI side effects significantly impacts patient treatment.  Importantly, dogs that develop GI side effects are less likely to remain on toceranib therapy due to a negative impact on quality of life.

Objective of the trial:

The purpose of this pilot study is to determine if plasma CK18 levels can be used as a biomarker that can predict GI side effects in dogs receiving toceranib.  

What qualifies my dog for enrollment in this in this trial?

Dogs with mast cell tumors that have been removed down to microscopic disease (i.e., post-surgery) are eligible to enroll in this study if they have no obvious evidence of tumor spread (metastasis).

What does enrolling my dog in this clinical trial involve? 

Dogs enrolled in the study will receive toceranib every other day and must return for weekly visits for a total of 4 weeks.  At these visits blood will be collected for evaluation of plasma CK 18. Standard diagnostics (CBC, chemistry profile, urinalysis) will be performed at day 0 and at the conclusion of the study on day 28.

Client Compensation

For participation in this clinical trial, toceranib will be provided at no cost for 3 months after completion of the 4 week study.  

Client Contact

If you believe that your pet may be eligible to enter a study, please click here to fill out a questionnaire. 

Please contact the Clinical Trials Office at the Veterinary Medical Center for more information about this study.