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  • Watch The Blue Buffalo Gift Announcement
    On Wednesday, May 18, Blue Buffalo Company announced a $6 million gift will advance clinical trials at College of Veterinary Med
  • Clinical Trials Office featured on FOX28
    Dr. Cheryl London discusses how research on pet osteosarcoma could someday help children with the same disease
  • Beloved Ohio Police K-9 joins clinical trial
    Nero Joins Clinical Trial after being diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma
  • Cheryl London - TEDx The Ohio State University
    Dr. Cheryl London talks about clinical trials in pets, and how they are more useful when adapting cancer treatments to humans.
  • Clinical Trials in Veterinary Medicine
    Learn about the purpose of clinical trials, benefits, risks, impact in humane medicine and more in this video.
  • Benefits of clinical trials
    Clinical trials have the potential to help not only your pet, but other pets with the same disease.
  • Charlie, one of our handsome patients!
    What are clinical trials?
    Learning about clinical trials can help you decide if they are a good option for your pet and your family.

New Trials

Correlation of plasma levels of a potential biomarker (CK-18) with diarrhea in dogs with mast cell tumor treated receiving toceranib (Palladia). -- The purpose of this pilot study is to determine if plasma CK18 levels can be used as a biomarker that can predict GI side effects in dogs receiving toceranib.
Evaluation of Allergenic Extract Intradermal Threshold Concentration Variation in Non-Allergic Dogs. -- The purpose of this study is to establish threshold concentrations of allergens by a new veterinary allergen company.
Effect of a probiotic bacterium in dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. -- This study aims to measure the effect of a probiotic (Akkermansia muciniphila) on intestinal permeability, inflammation, and GLP-2 secretion in with naturally occurring IBD that failed conventional treatments (other than immunosuppressive drugs).

Spotlight Patient

Bob is enrolled in a clinical trial of an investigational drug in dogs with spontaneous tumors.