Current Trials

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Heart (Cardiology)

The goal of this study is to prove that Pimobendan improves left atrial function and thus prevents stagnating blood flow, possibly preventing the development of thromboembolic disease.

Emergency and Critical Care

Early use of a drug to break up or dissolve blood clots (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) for blood clots in cats. -- The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy of tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) for thrombolysis in feline acute aortic thromboembolism (FATE).

Internal Medicine

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how the drug is processed in the body of CKD cats in comparison to normal cats so that these patients can benefit from its use without over sedation.
The primary goal for this study is to evaluate if omeprazole is effective in alleviating GI signs in cats with CKD.
This study aims to determine blood aluminum levels in cats with chronic kidney disease. This study will also aim to determine blood aluminum levels in cats with chronic kidney disease to see if diet influences blood aluminum levels.
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a significant difference in Aluminum levels between healthy cats and those with various stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Cancer (Oncology)

To evaluate a new imaging method (Optical Coherence Tomography) to detect cancer cells left behind following removal of soft tissue or injection-site sarcomas in client-owned cats undergoing surgery.

Anesthesia and pain management

The objective is to evaluate PI as a non-invasive method to determine epidural anesthesia onset and effectiveness in dogs.


The causes of the different response patterns of the lungs to left heart disease are unknown. Therefore, the investigators hypothesized that different pulmonary vascular response patterns may be identified more specifically by lung computed tomography (CT).

Internal Medicine

Constipation is characterized by absent, infrequent, or difficult defecation associated with retention of feces within the colon and rectum. The objective of the study is to evaluate the efficacy of new fiber based diet in resolving constipation compared to an experimental control diet.
The study goal is to compare the effect of two formulations of a diet on the recurrence of calcium oxalate bladder stones in dogs.
Dogs are commonly affected by sudden onset diarrhea.  This can be a distressing problem for our dogs and a frustrating management concern for us as pet parents.  This study aims to investigate the effectiveness and impact of current treatment protocols to determine the best approach in these patients. 
Protein in the urine (proteinuria) is common in dogs and causes further damage to the kidneys. This study aims to determine whether the standard drugs used to treat proteinuria can completely suppress one of the hormones involved in kidney regulation, and whether lack of complete suppression affects the amount of proteinuria.


The purpose of this project is to characterize the most common type(s) of kidney disease in American Boxer dogs in order to identify a possible genetic cause of the disease.
The purpose of this project is to characterize the most common type(s) of kidney disease in Dalmatian dogs in order to identify a possible genetic cause of the disease.

Brain and nervous system (Neurology and Neurosurgery)

This clinical trial propose to characterize DLSS in Labradors using a combination of a novel kinematic MRI technique in combination with electrodiagnostic tests.
Syringomyelia (SM) is a painful neurological problem which causes neuropathic pain (NP) behaviors such as scratching, face rubbing, and intermittent vocalizations in affected dogs. Pain management of SM-NP is currently limited by the lack of objective ways to assess severity of pain in dogs with the condition. The long-term goal of our group is to improve the diagnosis and management of neuropathic pain in dogs.
Evaluation of sensory dysfunction in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with Chiari malformation/syringomyelia. -- The purpose of this study to validate the use of a sensory threshold test, von Frey anesthesiometry (VFA), for use in dogs withCM/SM. First we must determine what constitutes a normal response using VFA in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (CKCS), then we will compare that response to what is seen in CKCS with CM/SM.

Cancer (Oncology)

This study aims to assess the accuracy of optical coherence tomography (OCT) for directing pathological sections following resection of canine mast cell tumors.
The purpose of this clinical trial is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of PAC-1 (a novel anti-cancer drug) combined with doxorubicin for dogs with osteosarcoma that has spread to their lungs. PAC-1 is a new drug that can sensitize tumor cells to chemotherapy treatments such as doxorubicin.
The purpose of the trial is to identify non-invasive biomarkers that may help us predict patients at increased risk for chemotherapy induced gastrointestinal mucositis, and offer them more aggressive prophylactic treatment and supportive care to limit the impact on quality of life and treatment outcome.
The purposes of the study are to assess clinical efficacy, to record the associated complications (intra and post-operative complications) and the potential effects on long term survival of the microwave ablation therapy for the treatment of liver/pulmonary/renal metastatic diseases.
The proposed study will identify the efficacy of corticosteroids steroids in reducing microscopic mast cell tumor (MCT) tumor burden.  We seek new, evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of MCT, such as smaller surgical margin size, which could reduce the complications associated with surgery.