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  • Veterinary Medical Center face mask policy, veterinary services, emergency, urgent care
    Disposable medical face masks required
    The VMC will provide all clients disposable, medical face masks as an added safety measure. Please no cloth masks upon entry.
  • Dog Golden Retriever and girl laying down
    My dog has a bone tumor, now what?
    Learn about what children and dogs with bone tumors have in common!
  • Ryan Roberts, MD, PhD.
    Physician for the division of hematology and oncology at Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • How are clinical trials in humans and pets interconnected?
    Clinical Trials
    How our Pet Heroes are helping advance science. Dr. Cheryl London - May 1st, 2019
  • Two veterinary technicians and a chocolate Labrador
    Clinical trials: Myths and misconceptions
    Veterinary clinical trials help veterinarians and researchers find new and better ways to treat pets, and sometimes people too.
  • Cheryl London - TEDxOhioStateUniversity
    Cheryl London - TEDxOhioStateUniversity
    Dr. Cheryl London talks about clinical trials in pets, and how they are more useful when adapting cancer treatments to humans.
  • Dr. London interview
    Clinical Trials in Veterinary Medicine
    Learn about the purpose of clinical trials, benefits, risks, impact in humane medicine and more in this video.

New Trials

This investigation aims to improve the accuracy of the surgical margin assessment in companion animals and improve the accuracy of surgical treatment of canine cancer.
The purpose of the study is to evaluate a new imaging method to detect cancer cells left behind following removal of injection-site sarcomas (FISS) and mammary tumors in cats undergoing surgery. 
The purpose of this study is to determine whether extracorporeal shockwave therapy, which is a treatment that delivers a series of low-energy shock waves to a designed area, decreases low back pain in dogs diagnosed with clinically evident low back (lumbosacral) pain.

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