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Problem Behavior Consultations 

Are you experiencing a behavior problem with your pet? The Behavioral Medicine Clinic offers services to owners of companion animals with behavioral issues, including, but not limited to, human-directed aggression, inter-pet aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, fears, phobias, compulsive behaviors, and cognitive dysfunction. We are experienced in addressing the behavior problems of dogs and cats and the concerns of their families.  

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your pet, and to help you understand their behavior and improve your life together! Please email the Behavioral Medicine Clinic or call 614-292-4655, if you have questions about the clinic or your upcoming appointment.

Please note that behavioral advice cannot be given before your appointment.


What is a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist?

M. Leanne Lilly, DVM, DACVB, Assistant Professor - Clinical

The behavioral medicine clinic is headed by Dr. M. Leanne Lilly, Veterinary Behavior Specialist -  a veterinarian who has completed a residency program in veterinary behavioral medicine and passed an extensive credentialing process. Dr. Lilly earned her veterinary degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, completed a behavior specialty internship with the University of Pennsylvania, and completed her residency here at the Ohio State University. Dr. Lilly also has extensive experience working with shelter and rescue animals in the Philadelphia area, and managing the complex intersection between medical concerns, particularly pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and behavior here at the veterinary medical center. Dr. Lilly will work directly with you and your pet on training and management at your appointment and continue to guide you through follow up period. (Training appointments are separate from a standard consultation.)

Kyle Bohland, DVM, MS

Dr. Kyle Bohland is originally from Fremont, Ohio and did his undergraduate work at The University of Akron in economics. After graduation, he worked full time and obtained a Master of Science degree in agricultural, environmental, and development economics from The Ohio State University. While working towards this degree, Dr. Bohland realized he wanted to pursue veterinary medicine which was his dream career since childhood and started pursuing his second career. He graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2018. Following graduation, he worked in a busy general practice in central Ohio doing preventative medicine, general medicine, urgent care, surgery, and dentistry. He then completed his residency program in behavioral medicine at The Ohio State University, before starting as a full-time member of the faculty. His professional interests include end-of-life care, pain management, and the behavior of shelter-housed animals. Dr. Bohland lives in Columbus with his wife, child, four elderly dogs, one cat, and a few fish. His interests outside veterinary medicine include hiking, traveling, photography, and video games (both classic and modern). 

2022 - 2025 Behavioral Medicine Resident

Kristina Baucom, DVM

Dr. Kristina Baucom completed her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly State University in Medical and Public Health Microbiology. She graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. She has worked in general practice and shelter settings since graduation and in 2016 began working as a forensic veterinarian for the ASPCA in Florida. In this role, she taught Veterinary Forensic Medicine at the University of Florida, published a paper and case series, and assisted in small- and large-scale criminal animal cruelty casework across the country. This work helped her fully realize the importance behavioral medicine plays in the welfare and quality of life for all animals, not just cruelty cases. Dr. Baucom lives in Columbus, Ohio with three behavior special needs dogs adopted from animal cruelty cases and her two cats. 

Behavior Technicians

Laura H. Donaldson, BS, RVT, KPA-CTP, Supervisor 

Rebecca Estel King, CDBC, Behavior Modification Consultant and Specialist


    Honoring the Bond Program

    If you are faced with making difficult decisions regarding your animal with behavior issues our Honoring the Bond Program and our Veterinary Social Worker can offer support in addition to the following handouts. 


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