Student Scholarships

Student scholarships assure that at Ohio State, students come first. Ranked fifth among 28 veterinary colleges nationally, the College of Veterinary Medicine has continued its commitment to attract the most promising students, regardless of their ability to pay. Funding scholarships is an investment with an exponential effect, as each student’s life work touches countless animal and human lives with skillful, compassionate care.

My scholarship gave me the opportunity to study with great professors, not only in the classroom but in the clinic, the field, and beyond. At Ohio State, I’ve learned that becoming a veterinarian can’t just happen within the walls of a classroom.

-Joel Anderson, Class of 2013, Recipient of the Junk Family Endowed Scholarship


The faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine are just as invested in my success and wellbeing as I am. They are the best support system I could have hoped for and regularly go above and beyond their academic duties.

-Katie Huter, Class of 2015, Recipient of the Sam Segall Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Ohio State has given me the opportunity to pursue my degree at the College of Veterinary Medicine, and this wouldn’t have been possible if not for scholarships.

-Dan Pontius, Class of 2015, Recipient of the Auxiliary to The OVMA Scholarship



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