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The spread of influenza among pigs is common at fairs and other gatherings, and protective measures including cutting the length of time pigs and people congregate make good sense for both the animals and humans, say the authors of a new study.
For Immediate Release                                                               July 18, 2017                                                                                     San Francisco, CA                                                       
Plasma Therapy Provides Hope in Rare Case; VMC Finance and Pricing Updates; Thanks to Our Practitioner Boards; VMC Enhancement and Expansion Project - Phase 3A Completion; Welcome Dr. Karina Creighton
Dr. Rebecca Garabed with the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine will be participating in a discussion of the challenges in ensuring that our campus community stays abreast of emerging methodologies and technologies for research.
The university-hosted Buckeye Country Superfest will take place Saturday, 6/10, and Sunday, 6/11, at Ohio Stadium.
Registration Deadline: June 9, 2017 This event is limited to the first 144 paid golfers
Dr. Basil DuBois Ward (DVM, 49’) passed away on March 10, 2017, at ninety-three years of age. Basil was born in Oxford, Ohio on January 17, 1924. He studied Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University, graduating in 1949.
Nondiscrimination language added to diversity policy
VMC Specialist, Referring Veterinarian Collaborate in Diagnosis and Management, VMC Enhancement and Expansion Project-VMC-Dublin, Equine Emergency and Critical Care Service-Abdominal Injury Reveals Bladder Rupture, Equine CE focuses on Wetlab Instruction, Dogs Needed for Clinical Trials, Welcome
The College of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to recognize 36 students, faculty, and staff as achieving Partner Level in the inaugural year of the Community of Inclusion Certificate Program.