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Antibiotic resistance working group formed at Ohio State
In May, a lab mix puppy named Zelda was brought to Rascal An
The story of Quasimodo, a 3-year-old dog born with deformed front legs, shows the profound com
Several strains of avian influenza virus are spreading across the U.S., affecting commercial and backyard poultry flocks. To reduce its reach, Ohio poultry veterinarians are advising poultry owners to strengthen their biosecurity practices and look out for signs of the virus in case it appears in
Parts of Franklin County's water supply are currently under an
We are sharing sad news this morning about the death of an alumnus, Dr. Austin T. Ayars.
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In Ohio, firefighters and emergency medical techinicians are not authorized to provide st
Our Educational Mission; Distinguished alum Salvador Butera; Contributing to our service and outreach mission; Trainee Awards - Kudos Download the PDF
The 26 students participating in the Veterinary Scholar Summer Research Program, managed by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and have already started working on research projects that range from the