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Why Hire an Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate?

Our students have unique opportunities throughout their time as veterinary medicine students and are prepared to be leaders in the field of veterinary medicine and assets to your practice and business.


A Rigorous Admissions Process

The College of Veterinary Medicine has a highly selective admissions process. We admit only the best students, and offer them the opportunity to become even better.  In 2012, the college received 1,326 applications and accepted 162 students, a 12 percent acceptance rate.


Pre-Clinical Curriculum

Professional Development classes are a key component of the pre-clinical curriculum. Not only do our students go through demanding, systems based courses in their pre-clinical years, but they have the unique opportunity in their professional development courses to learn about the best veterinary business practices, gain valuable business insight, study communication skills and economics, and learn the importance of professionalism in the workplace. Students are well-rounded and versed in the business and communication components of working in veterinary medicine.


Clinical Training

Students study at one of the largest veterinary medical centers in the country with three separate hospitals: the Hospital for Companion Animals, the Hospital for Farm Animals, and the Galbreath Equine Center.  The Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center is open and fully staffed with trained veterinarians and students 24 hours a day, seven days a week and sees more than 35,000 patients per year, giving each student an opportunity to study many different clinical cases during their senior rotations.


World-Renowned Faculty

The Ohio State University Veterinary Medicine faculty consists of highly-skilled and qualified doctors with advanced degrees.  Many are published, sought-after public speakers and leaders in their specialties. Students learn from and work alongside these award-winning, dedicated faculty on a daily basis. The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine also boasts one of the highest rates of board certified faculty: over 80 percent have their board certification.  


Unique Opportunities

As part of their fourth-year clinical experience, Ohio State veterinary students study at the Ohio State Large Animal Services hospital in Marysville, Ohio and assist with all aspects of large animal care. The rotation in Marysville is another example of the practical, real-world experience that our students receive.


Ohio State also has a partnership with the Capital Area Humane Society, where students complete a rotation in shelter medicine and surgery.  Students gain an understanding of shelter medicine practices and this rotation provides them with the opportunity to perform up to 20 spay and neuter surgeries on dogs, cats, and even rabbits.


Career Areas of Emphasis

Students are well-versed and trained in all aspects of veterinary medicine, with clinical rotations in small animal, food animal, and equine medicine and surgery. They complete 26 weeks of rotations, giving them over 2,000 hours of experience in small animal, food animal, and equine.  They are then able to tailor their rotations to focus in depth on a career area of emphasis and spend additional time gaining confidence in a specific clinical discipline. These features of our fourth year curriculum create a well-balanced clinical education where students have experience in all fields, but also extended training in a specific aspect of veterinary medicine.


The First Career Management Office

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is the first and only in the country to have an Office of Career Management that works specifically with veterinary medicine students.  Our students have opportunities beginning their first year to engage and connect with prospective employers and businesses, network and learn from experienced professionals, and acquire important career and business skills that will benefit their future employers.  


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