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    The 4th Annual Alumni-Student Networking Luncheon, Friday, September 30, 11:30am-1:00pm

    The networking luncheon is an opportunity for current first year veterinary students to learn about the many career paths within veterinary medicine. Alumni will share their career journeys and advice. Lunch will be served.


    Mock Interviews and Mock Negotiations, Friday, September 30, 1:00pm-4:00pm

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    Queer Behavior and Bi Local are proud to present a special Tea Time: Bi-ographies Building Our Spaces Wherever We Are.

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    Veterinary Pharmacy Alliance Intro Lunch Lecture will be held in VMC Auditorium. Brief introduction to the Veterinary Pharmacy Alliance club, missions for the year. Please RSVP. Meeting is open to all students. Contact information: Alexander  

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    AVMA Life will be held in Wexner Auditorium. AVMA Life Representative Kate Kelley is coming to talk about the importance of life insurance/medical/disability/etc. This is a general overview for students to learn why life/disability insurance is important to veterinarians. The end of the lecture will talk about AVMA Life and how it works with SAVMA students. Please RSVP, food will be provided. Meeting open to all students. Contact information: Mallory   

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    Effective Interviewing Skills: Techniques for Successful Interviewing

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    Christian Veterinary Fellowship weekly Bible Study will be held in VMC Room 0021. Meeting open to all CVF members. Contact information: Kara 

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    Christian Veterinary Fellowship Bible Study held weekly in Room 021 VMC. Contact information: Kara

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    SCAVMA General Board Meeting will be held in Dunlap Auditorium. Meeting open to students, faculty and staff. Contact information: Jane

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    Surgery Club will be holding a lunch lecture - Principles of Neurosurgery in Goss Auditorium. Please RSVP, food will be served. Meeting open to surgery club members. Contact information: Kristen