Veterinary Medical Center now accepting Care Credit

Dear Referral Partner,

The New Year brings exciting news from The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center!

We are happy to announce that Care Credit is now accepted within our companion (Columbus and Dublin), equine and farm hospitals.

As an added convenience to referral clients who may not have obtained pre-approval from Care Credit prior to their visit to the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC), we have placed kiosks and/or iPads in each of our hospital lobbies to allow clients to complete an application on-site. Clients may also use their cell phones to apply directly at during their visit. The VMC also provides a link to the Care Credit application on our web site. For those of you familiar with the Care Credit program, you may know that the approval process only takes about 3 minutes!

The VMC understands how important the availability and acceptance of Care Credit is to many of your clients, which is why we are very excited to now be able to extend this benefit to them.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and partnership.