Revision to Autopsy Request & Deceased Animal Drop Offs as of June 27, 2016

Please be aware of changes to the autopsy and deceased animal drop-off procedures that will go into effect on Monday, June 27. The changes include the following: - Requests for autopsy must include a referral by a veterinarian. These requests can no longer be made solely by a client. - Deceased animal drop-off times are being limited to 8 am – 4 pm M-F and 8 am – noon on Saturdays. The new requirement that an autopsy request must include a referral by a veterinarian is because we believe that explanation of the nature of the autopsy process and interpretation of the reports generated lend themselves better to those with a clinical background. We’ve had significant issues when clients request an autopsy directly without a referring veterinarian’s involvement. Frequently an owner submission lacks appropriate history and exhibits a clear lack of understanding regarding what an autopsy involves and its limitations. We believe we’ll be able to provide better customer service by providing autopsy results to a referring veterinarian who can then interpret the findings to the client. The Autopsy Request Form can be found in this section of our web site (Referring Veterinarians). The limitation to the deceased animal drop-off times is because limiting hours for deceased animal drop-off to times when the Applied Pathology Service is open enables us to enhance communications with and provide better customer service to our clients and referring practitioners. We would also like to remind you our typical fees for autopsy and disposal of a non-VMC patient are $125 for a companion animal, $300 for a farm animal and $450 for a horse. We appreciate your understanding regarding these changes. Please let us know if you have questions.