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NEW - Updated Access for Referring Clinicians

  • rVetLink Portal available for eReferrals and medical records information sharing* 

*Please refer to the e-mail Welcome Letter that was recently sent for your practice's assigned, initial log in information.  Should you need assistance, please contact or call (614) 292-0950. Please note, use of the eReferral system is voluntary based on what may work best for you business operation. 

  • Core One Portal, as part of our laboratory informations system, now available for autopsy,* digital cytology and flow cytometry submissions.  

For instructions on accessing the portal, please click here and refer to page 2. A user tutorial for submitting an autopsy request follows the lab portal log in instructions. I

*Animals cannot be accepted for autopsy without prior request from a referring veterinarian. Submitting veterinarians will be billed for autopsy service and will receive autopsy results. 

Assistance with client accounts and portal submissions is only available during regular business hours.

Submission Guidelines and Forms

Hemodialysis_Referral Guidelines  

Flow Cytometry Sample Submission Guidelines 

Flow Cytometry Sample Submission Form

Digital Cytology Submission Quick Guide - NEW! Please use this form as of March 1, 2021. Do not use former or bookmarked forms prior to 3/1/21.

WORKSHOP TRAINING REQUIRED prior to using this service. Please contact graham.1131 to be added to the list for next workshop. As of Monday, March 1, 2021, please use the Core One laboratory portal for all digital cytology submissions. Thank you!

Autopsy Fees

SA Referral Form (web form)  

*We encourage you to use the new rVetLink ereferral and Core One laboratory portals above. 


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