Packed Red Blood Cells

Photo of canine and feline packed red blood cells.

Used in patients with acute or chronic hemorrhage, hemolysis, renal disease, and bone marrow disorders.

Protocol for use of packed red Blood cells

  • Packed red cells are preserved in an additive solution that does not require further dilution. However, if using fluids along with blood products, use normal saline.
  • Avoid calcium-containing fluids such as Lactated Ringers or hypotonic fluids such as 5% dextrose in water.
  • Use a standard blood administration set (provided in ICU).
  • Give 5ml/kg/hr for the first 15 min. then increase the rate.
  • Dogs in cardiac, liver or renal failure should be given a dose of ∼1 ml/kg/hr.
  • The transfusion must be completed within 4 hours to prevent the chance of bacterial growth.
  • Transfusion of 15 ml/kg will raise the recipient's PCV by 10% points.