Institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the responsible use of animals in university research and instructional activities. The IACUC reviews protocols, reviews the animal care and use program, and monitors University animal facilities to ensure compliance with standards and regulatory requirements. Extensive effort is made to provide excellent care for animals used in research, to gain the maximum amount of information from every animal used, and to minimize procedures that have potential for discomfort, distress, or pain. All research activities must conform to the statutes of the Animal Welfare Act and the guidelines of the Public Health Service as issued in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (revised 1996).

Any study that will utilize client-owned animals is considered a clinical trial. All clinical trials conducted at the OSU Veterinary Medical Center currently require approval from the IACUC unless the Clinical Research Committee has determined that such approval is not required, in which IACUC would provide an exemption letter.

Any study that utilizes client-owned animals is considered a clinical trial, and all clinical trials conducted at the OSU VMC require approval from the IACUC unless it has been determined that such approval is not required, in which case IACUC would provide an exemption letter.  It is highly recommended that PIs contact BBVCTO to determine whether you may be exempt from the IACUC requirement.

In general, any study that involves procedures/treatments that would not be considered part of the routine standard of care for a particular disease (i.e., collection of additional blood samples, additional imaging, etc.) requires IACUC approval. 

For clinical trials at the VMC, an Animal Use Protocol is used. IACUC requires that all individuals listed on an Animal Use Protocol complete the online Animal Training courses, along with their Experience and Training Narrative.

To submit an Animal Use Protocol form to the Office of Responsible Research Practices click here, and click on the e-IACUC tab. If you need assistance with your protocol, click here for guidelines on how to properly fill out each section of your IACUC.

  • List the number of your approved Animal Use Protocol or exemption letter on the CRC form title page, and provide the BBVCTO with a copy of the approval or exemption letter.