Clinical Research Committee (CRC)

Protocols that utilize VMC facilities, resources, or involve the use of privately-owned animals that are patients of the Veterinary Medical Center at The Ohio State University, must be reviewed and approved by the Clinical Research Committee (CRC). The responsibility of this committee is to ensure that these research protocols do not pose a risk to the efficient and effective running of the VMC.

This review process does not replace the need for IACUC review. The determination as to whether a protocol requires IACUC review will be made by a designated subcommittee of the CRC, comprising the Chair, representatives from ULAR and the IACUC, and an external reviewer. If IACUC review is deemed necessary, the investigator will be directed to the IACUC office and the normal procedures for IACUC review and approval will be followed.

Clinical research studies in which novel therapies and procedures are studied in animals that are under medical or surgical care for a naturally-occurring condition may not require IACUC approval. In those cases, review and approval by the CRC may be all that is needed in order to initiate the study.


  • Dr. Cheryl London; Clinical Trials Director
  • Joelle Neilsen; Honoring the Bond Program Coordinator
  • Ken Luke; Assitant Director- VTH Finance
  • Dan Aldworth;  Fiscal Officer
  • Dr. Margaret Mudge; Associate Professor- Equine
  • Dr. Turi Aarnes  Associate Professor; Anesthesia
  • Dr. Wendy Lorch; Assistant Professor- Dermatology
  • Dr. Bill Kisseberth; Associate Professor- Oncology
  • Dr. Valerie Bergdall; Laboratory Animal Resources director, Professor.
  • Dr. Jessica Hokamp; Assistant Professor- Clinical-Pathology
  • Dr. Jessica Quimby; Associate Professor- Imed