The GHWP and Wheeling Island Greyhound Race Track work together to save Greyhounds with career-ending injuries.

What happens when a racing Greyhound incurs a career-ending injury whose severity requires specialty care? At the Wheeling Island track, these Greyhounds may be provided a second chance at life via the 4 Legs 4 Hounds program.

Ohio State clinicians and students pick up the injured dog in Wheeling, and it is transported to the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital. There, the dog is evaluated by OSU's Veterinary Orthopedic service, and indicated surgery is performed. After recovery, the dog is offered for adoption. In many cases, the dog becomes a Blood Bank Donor.

Much of the care is undertaken by the Ohio State University Veterinary College's Greyhound student group, Buckeyes 4 Greyhounds. They provide transportation, evening care, and much-needed foster care for these dogs.