IACUC Training

IACUC requires that all individuals listed on an IACUC complete the following requirements:

  • Animal Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training 
  • Registry into the Occupational Health Program
  • Experience and Training Narrative 

These trainings can be completed here

  • Conflict of Interest (COI) Screening/Disclosure form. 

This training can be done here 

Follow the instructions carefully as the training is only considered complete when the questionnaire is fully completed and the submit button is pressed. 

Any doctors or registered veterinary technicians that will be handling and/or performing procedures on clinical trial patients must be added to your IACUC. Every study team member will need to complete the above training and register into the e-Protocol system prior to being able to be added to the protocol. For questions regarding IACUC training please contact Dana Jennings at jennings.401@osu.edu

All clinical trials must have funding in place, CRC, IACUC approval or an IACUC waiver before initiating patient enrollment. Please consider having the BBVCTO evaluate your CRC form prior to submission to ensure that all required elements are present.