Investigator Support

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The Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office (BBVCTO) provides assistance in the design, execution, and evaluation of veterinary clinical trials using client-owned animals, with the overriding goal of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of disease in veterinary patients while enhancing the health of humans.

​How we can help:

If you are a sponsor

We provide a single point of contact to the faculty and facility for clinical research; We coordinate all aspects of the project, from proposal to final report. Visit Our Office of Sponsored Programs for more information.

If you are faculty or staff

Please visit the Guidelines and forms section for helpful grant deadlines, clinical trials-related information and links. 


Responsibilities of the BBVCTO include:

  • Providing guidance with respect to clinical trial design including: formulation of a testable hypothesis; determination of patient entry criteria; selection of appropriate toxicity assessments; review of appropriate statistical end points; development of an accurate budget
  • Confirming compliance with applicable hospital, IRB, and/or IACUC requirements
  • Assisting with a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of adverse events
  • Reviewing proposals prior to submission to the Clinical Research Committee
  • Establishing and maintaining a network of regional specialists, veterinarians, and breed clubs to assist with patient enrollment
  • Providing education in GCP, GLP, and the requirements of individual organizations sponsoring trials
  • Overseeing and verifying correct and complete data entry, as well as compliance with established study guidelines

Responsibilities of the Principle Investigator include:

  • Providing the BBVCTO with a proposal for which appropriate statistical analysis has been included
  • Providing the BBVCTO with a proposal containing an accurate budget that includes all relevant direct and indirect costs
  • Addressing all potential adverse events and providing appropriate budgetary support should these occur
  • Completing appropriate IRB and IACUC forms prior to evaluation by the Clinical Research Advisory Committee
  • Ensuring that patients entered into clinical trials meet inclusion criteria
  • Obtaining client consent and maintaining client contact as needed
  • Performing actual data entry and sample collection as specified in the study guidelines
  • Performing final analysis upon study completion

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