Tumor-targeted chemotherapy for dogs

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Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

This clinical trial will determine the safety and clinical activity of a new chemotherapy drug that is targeted to the tumor blood supply.

What qualifies my pet for enrollment in this in this trial?

Eligible patients (any breed of dog) must meet all the following criteria:Bullmastiff dog in the beach

  • Confirmed diagnosis of lymphoma or solid tumor.
  • Be at least 1 year of age.
  • Dogs with lymphoma must have at least 1 lymph node that measures ≥ 2cm in diameter.
  • Dogs with solid tumors must have a tumor mass that measures ≥1cm if no tumor sampling is to be performed and ≥ 2 cm if tumor sampling is to be performed.
  • May have failed standard therapy, or there may be no other known effective therapeutic option, or the owner may elect to enter the patient in lieu of standard therapy.
  • Adequate organ function as indicated by standard laboratory tests (complete blood count, serum biochemistry profile, urinalysis).
  • Otherwise healthy with no clinically significant physical findings upon examination, medical history, and clinical laboratory profile.
  • Must have an estimated life expectancy of at least 42 days.
  • Prior chemotherapy or radiation must be completed 2 weeks prior to study entry.

What does enrolling my pet in this clinical trial involve?

  • Dogs will be screened for eligibility with bloodwork, imaging (+/- radiographs/abdominal ultrasound/CT scan), tumor aspirate or biopsy.
  • Dogs will be fasted at least 8 hours before drug administration. The study drug will be administered intravenously once weekly for 6 weeks for a total study duration of 42 days.
  • For the second treatment, on Day 7, dogs will be continuously monitored and 24-hour blood sampling done for pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis.
  • Tumor needle aspirates and biopsies will be taken periodically throughout the course of treatment.
  • Dogs who respond to treatment may continue to receive drug treatment beyond Day 42, if dose limiting toxicity is not observed and drug is available and following approval by the sponsor.

Client Compensation

The clinical trial covers screening and study-associated treatment costs of all eligible enrolled patients while they are enrolled in the clinical trial.

Client Contact

Dr. Bill Kisseberth

If you believe your pet may be eligible to enter this study,
please fill out a pre-screening questionnaire.

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