Surgical margin assessment of feline injection-site sarcomas

Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

To evaluate a new imaging method (Optical Coherence Tomography) to detect cancer cells left behind following removal of soft tissue or injection-site sarcomas in client-owned cats undergoing surgery. This technology is used successfully in human breast cancer surgery, providing microscopic assessment of surgical margins within minutes. Identifying a rapid and thorough imaging method to detect any remaining cancer cells during surgery for sarcomas especially feline injection-site sarcomas will support targeted treatment management decisions and improve outcomes for cats and dogs with cancer.

What qualifies my pet for enrollment in this in this trial?

To participate in this clinical trial your cat must:

  • Have cytology or histopathology confirmation of soft tissue sarcoma or injection site sarcoma
  • Have a dermal or subcutaneous tumor
  • Undergo surgical excision of sarcoma

What does enrolling my pet in this clinical trial involve?

Cats will undergo surgery to remove their tumor, following removal the tumor will be scanned with optical coherence tomography to assess the surgical margins for residual cancer cells. The specimen will then undergo thorough histopathological assessment.

Client Compensation

Pet owners are financially responsible for all costs associated with evaluation and surgery. If enrolled, financial compensation/incentive of $400 which will be credited to OSU Veterinary Medical Center account to help with costs associated with surgery, including histopathology.

For more information regarding this study please contact:

Dr. Laura E. Selmic

If you believe your pet may be eligible to enter this study,
please fill out a pre-screening questionnaire.