Novel pain medication for bone cancer in dogs

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Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the pain relief effects of novel pain medication, tapentadol, in dogs with bone tumors of the limb. Currently there are limited effective pain medications for treatment of dogs with this disease.

Doberman dog standingWhat qualifies my pet for enrollment in this in this trial?

To participate in this clinical trial your dog must:

  • Have a suspected or confirmed bone tumor (osteosarcoma) of a limb. 
  • Be on another oral pain medication  (NSAID such as Rimadyl, Previcox or Deramaxx) for at least 3 days prior to starting the study.

Dogs with a fracture of their bone tumor or dogs not on another oral pain medication (NSAID) cannot be enrolled in the study.

What does enrolling my pet in this clinical trial involve?

Your dog will undergo the following procedures:

  • Prior to treatment with the study drug, you will be asked to fill out a baseline pain survey. 
  • A veterinarian will also perform a pain assessment and your dog will walk on a pressure sensitive walkway to more objectively assess his or her lameness. 
  • Your dog will be sent home with 5 days of the pain medication, after which time your dog will return to the hospital for a repeat of the surveys and procedures described above. 

Client Compensation

  • Following completion of the study on Day 5, you will receive a $500 credit to be used towards further procedures (diagnostics and/or treatments for your dog's cancer) at OSU VMC.

For more information regarding this study please contact:

Dr. Megan Brown

If you believe your pet may be eligible to enter this study,
please fill out a pre-screening questionnaire.

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