Management of acute (colitis) diarrhea in dogs

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Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

Dogs are commonly affected by sudden onset diarrhea.  This can be a distressing problem for our dogs and a frustrating management concern for us as pet parents.  This study aims to investigate the effectiveness and impact of current treatment protocols to determine the best approach in these patients. 

What qualifies my dog for enrollment in this in this trial?

To participate in this clinical trial your dog must:

  • Be between the ages 1 and 7
  • Have clinical signs consistent with acute colitis. Must include 2 of the following:
    • Watery consistency
    • Increased frequency of defecation (greater than 6 times per day)
    • Small volume defecations
    • Fecal mucus present
    • Red blood present
    • Straining to defecate
    • Pain on defecation
  • Current clinical signs should not be present for more than 3 days prior to study enrollment. 

If your dog has had gastrointestinal clinical signs in the past 90 days, evidence of systemic disease on physical examination, has gastrointestinal parasites, or currently receives antibiotics or probiotics; they will not be eligible for enrollment.

What does enrolling my dog in this clinical trial involve?

If enrolled in the study, your dog will be entered into one of three treatments for acute colitis.  These are all current standard of care treatments practiced in veterinary medicine for this disorder.  Two follow-up visits will be required.  The first visit will take place 7-10 days following study enrollment.  Your pet will be examined and baseline blood work performed to ensure that they are healthy and the problem has resolved.  The second visit will be between 28-32 days following study enrollment and will consist of a weight check and fecal sample submission.  Throughout the study, you will be asked to maintain a diary of your pets bowel movements, general wellness, and behavior.

Client Compensation

If successful completion of the trial is achieved, you will receive the costs of the examination fees, fecal analysis, blood work, and treatments at no charge.  In certain instances, additional diagnostics beyond the scope of this trial may be recommended by your attending veterinarian but will not be covered by this study.

Client Contact

If you believe your pet may be eligible to enter this study, please click here to fill out a questionnaire. 

Please contact the Clinical Trials Office at the Veterinary Medical Center for more information about this study.