Evaluation of new imaging method for surgical margins of cancer (Mast cell tumors) in dogs.


Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

Currently, pathology on resected tumors assesses < 0.1% of surgical margins, we are likely missing areas where there may be residual cancer which may be leading to higher recurrence rates and need for adjuvant treatment in dogs undergoing cancer surgery. Real-time imaging of surgical margins of specimens in pathology using optical coherence tomography (OCT) could increase the accuracy of determination of completeness of surgical resection and guide treatment recommendations in an effort to reduce local recurrence rates, morbidity and mortality. This study aims to assess the accuracy of OCT for directing pathological sections following resection of canine mast cell tumors.

What qualifies my pet for enrollment in this in this trial?

To participate in this clinical trial your dog must:

  • Have a skin mast cell tumor
  • Undergo surgical excision at the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center.

What does enrolling my pet in this clinical trial involve?

Your dog will undergo surgery as recommended by their primary oncologic clinician. The specimen will be scanned using OCT and undergo a more detailed pathologic assessment. The results of the pathological assessment will be communicated to the primary clinician.

Client Compensation

Clients will be financially responsible for diagnostic and treatment costs. There will be no costs associated with the OCT scanning and specifically for participating in the clinical trial. A small incentive of around $50 will be credited to their OSU account to help with costs associated with histopathology.

Client Contact

Dr. Laura E. Selmic

If you believe your pet may be eligible to enter this study,
please fill out a pre-screening questionnaire.