--CLOSED-- Canine Behavior (Genetics of dog behavior) --CLOSED--

Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

Behavior is mediated by complicated interactions between our genes and the environment. Better understanding of detailed mechanisms and contributing factors can be achieved through analyses of genes, behavior and veterinary data from a simple population. This has not been feasible in humans yet. Dr. Alvarez’s laboratory has developed such studies of other traits of complex genetics with grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, the US Department of Defense (CDMRP), the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation and the Scottish Deerhound Club of America. With additional support from the Stanton Foundation, Drs. Zapata, Herron and Alvarez are now conducting studies of canine behavioral genetics.

Objective of the trial:

This project will demonstrate the value of canine studies in identifying the molecular genetic basis of behavior. The planned publication of the results of these studies will lead to the development of new effective treatments, improving the quality of patient care and quality of life of dogs. Effective veterinary treatments are also likely to translate to new human therapies.

What qualifies my dog for enrollment in this in this trial?

Exclusion criteria: Do not participate if you have reason to believe your dog may growl, snarl, snap or bite you in response to any handling of his/her mouth.

What does enrolling my dog in this clinical trial involve?

We are hereby recruiting dog-owners who can provide us with 1) a cheek swab saliva sample of their dog(s) (for DNA isolation and genetic analysis) and 2) completion of the online behavioral questionnaire C-BARQ. With that information, we will identify genes or genome regions that are associated with the prevalence of diverse behaviors that are captured by C-BARQ. Those include many types of behaviors, including several subtypes of fear and aggression, trainability, energy, excitability, emotional urination, persistent barking, etc.

Client Contact

Dr. Isain Zapata, zapata.11@osu.edu