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  • Dr. Cheryl London on Fox's Good Day Marketplace
    Dr. London speaking about veterinary clinical trials being an important part of the puzzle to help move the medical field forward.
  • Dogs and Cats With Kidney Disease
    If your dog or cat has kidney disease, they could participate in one of our clinical trials and become a "Pet Hero"
  • Cats with bladder stones
    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a new diet specially formulated to dissolve struvite stones in the bladders of cats.
  • Cheryl London - TEDxOhioStateUniversity
    Dr. Cheryl London talks about clinical trials in pets, and how they are more useful when adapting cancer treatments to humans.
  • Clinical Trials in Veterinary Medicine
    Learn about the purpose of clinical trials, benefits, risks, impact in humane medicine and more in this video.

New Trials

Dogs are commonly affected by sudden onset diarrhea.  This can be a distressing problem for our dogs and a frustrating management concern for us as pet parents.  This study aims to investigate the effectiveness and impact of current treatment protocols to determine the best approach in these patients. 
The purpose of the trial is to identify non-invasive biomarkers that may help us predict patients at increased risk for chemotherapy induced gastrointestinal mucositis, and offer them more aggressive prophylactic treatment and supportive care to limit the impact on quality of life and treatment outcome.
This clinical trial evaluates the safety and efficacy of low dose radiation therapy (LD-RT) for dogs with elbow arthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) of the elbows is progressive and debilitating disease both in people and dogs. The doses of radiation therapy used to treat arthritis are much lower than those used to treat cancerous tumors, thus the designation “low dose radiation therapy.

Pet Heroes


This pretty lady is part of a clinical trial evaluating a new diet in cats with bladder stones. 

July 2018