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The Surgical Oncology Service at Ohio State's Veterinary Medical Center provides specialized surgical care for companion animals diagnosed with cancer. Surgery remains the most commonly prescribed treatment modality to veterinary patients with cancer, and in addition results in the more cures, and greater long term control of the disease.

Service Highlights

Our surgeons are board-certified with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons as well as being ACVS Fellows of Surgical Oncology. We also have one of four ACVS Fellowship Programs for surgical oncology.

Clinical Trials

The Surgical Oncology Service is often recruiting patients for clinical studies for which your pet may be eligible. For a list of current trials please click here. If you have any questions regarding your pet's eligibility, please contact the Blue Buffalo Clinical Trials Offfice (


    Appointments & Office Hours

    Office hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday - Friday
    Patient visits by appointment only.
    For an appointment, please call (614) 292-3551
    After hour emergencies: (614) 292-3551

    What to Expect When My Pet Needs Cancer Surgery (Downloadable PDF)

    Surgery for your pet will be scheduled following an initial consultation appointment with our Integrated Oncology clinicians. Surgeries are scheduled within a few days to up to 1-2 weeks after this initial examination, depending on availability and clinical need. Prior to surgery, important tests such as computed tomography (CT) or abdominal ultrasound may neeed to be performed to help plan surgery or to check for any spread of cancer (staging).

    The day before surgery, you will have a drop-off appointment to answer questions and finalize the treatment plan with the surgeon. Your pet will need to spend a minimum of 2 nights in the hospital, but more may be necessary depending on the surgery and your pet's recovery. You will be given an estimation of the duration of your pet's hospital stay during this appointment.

    If an early drop-off is scheduled (7:30 am) the day of the surgery, it is important that you arrive promptly to this appointment so that we have time to answer any of your questions. Please do not feed your pet after 10 pm the night before surgery (unless specific recommendations are provided by the clinician).  Your pet may have access to water until the morning of surgery. Your pet will need to spend a minimum of 2 nights in the hospital, but more may be necessary depending on the surgery and your pet's recovery.

    If your pet is receiving medications and/or special diets, please bring these to your drop-off appointment.  If you already have an e-collar, please bring it to your drop-off appointment.

    To optimize the post-surgery recovery, no visits are allowed the day of surgery.  A member of the surgical oncology team (student, resident, fellow or faculty) will call you soon after surgery and at least twice daily (week days) or once daily (weekends) during your pet's stay. You will be called if any significant changes in your pet's health status occur. This communication could occur at any time, including overnight, so it is important that we have the best contact numbers for you and that you are available at all times.

    Visits (15-20 min) during your pet's hospitalization can be organized in advance. Please don't hesitate to ask for a visit at the time our team provides you an updated about your pet.

    Your pet will recover in our intensive care unit (ICU) or in our hospital ward and will be closely monitored throughout their hospital stay. Results of any tissue or tumor biopsies collected during surgery are usually available within 7-10 days after surgery.

    As owner, we value you as a key member of your pet's oncology care team. Our goal is to provide an environment where every family feels supported throughout each stage of their pet's cancer journey. The clinician assigned to lead the case will discuss your pet's condition in detail, answer any questions you may have, and work together with you and your veterinarian, as well as other members of the surgical oncology team, to implement a personalized treatment plan to your satisfaction. The surgical oncology team consists of the faculty member, the surgical oncology fellow, a surgery resident, a 4th year veterinary student, and the surgical oncology technician (nurse).

    Special Equipment & Technology

    • Interoperative imaging studies

    • Microwave Ablation therapy
    • Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic equipment

    Faculty Clinicians

    • Janis Lapsley, DVM, Assistant Professor-Clinical
    • Mary McLoughlin, DVM, MS, DACVS, Associate Professor, Small Animal Surgery Section Head
    • Laura Selmic, BVetMed (Hons), MPH, DACVS-SA, DECVS, ACVS Founding Fellow Surgical Oncology, Associate Professor

    Surgical Oncology Intern

    • Carley Johnson, DVM, Surgical Oncology Research
    • Jocosa Yasenchack, DVM, Surgical Oncology Clinical 

    Small Animal Surgery Residents

    Erin Close, DVM

    Nikesh Patel, DVM

    Jin Yoon, DVM

    Jake Aiello, DVM

    Mariana Fernandez, DVM 

    Chistina Orona, DVM

    Julianna DiMichele, DVM

    Gabrielle Fontes, DVM

    Mitch Sadowitz, DVM

    Cameron Seger, DVM


    Surgical Oncology Technicians


    Payment is expected at the time of your visit. Please read our payment policy for complete information.